Motion Graphics Designer - Susannah




Motion Graphics Designer

I am an Art Director and Motion Graphics Artist specializing in immersive 3D visuals designed to engage all the senses.

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Vocalist+Lyrics+Songwriter - Rachel



New York


I'm a singer in a hit Broadway show featuring Bob Dylan's music. Unfortunately, we're on pause here in NYC and I'm still ready to sing. I can sing operatically high or scream the deep blues. I've been singing live and recording for decades. I write my own tunes and write lyrics for others.

Music producer - Manuel


Music producer

3 years of experience in electonic music producing , mixing and vocal recording Writing and composing Known as (Dj E50) , 5 original tracks on youtube and soundcloud Knowledge in musical theory , writing melodies and chords Knowledge in studio equipments Collaborating with artists and making connections 5 years of experience in theatre sounds


Topliner, Pop Songwriter - Katherine



Los Angeles

Topliner, Pop Songwriter

I'm a topliner and pop singer/songwriter with a passion for hard-hitting lyrics and catchy melodies. I have experience writing for a variety of genres/styles--including R&B, EDM, & indie folk. I'm happy to meet people where they're at, pay attention to their artistic vision, and deliver something that fits exactly what they're looking for.


Production/Mixing/Mastering - Seven



New York


With over 15 years of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop production experience, I can help you take YOUR music to the NEXT LEVEL.

Lyricist / Topliner - EJ



Los Angeles

Lyricist / Topliner

I’ll peer through your soul, Though flat screens apart, To find what it is, You hold in your heart, Then bring it to life, As though all your own, To create a song, That feels like home...I am the lyricist of the AWARD WINNING songwriting/ production duo MotiVibes Music. I am here offering my individual services as a lyricist/ topline writer.

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX - Jay

Guatemala City

Film & VideoGame Composer/SFX

EPIC that's what you want your project to be and that's why you're getting in contact with me!


Mixing and Mastering Your Hit! - HAYDEN



Niagara Falls

Mixing and Mastering Your Hit!

You want your project to sound just like the biggest artists in the world, and I want to be the one to make it happen. Hi there, my name is HAYDEN.

Music Producer, Song Writer - Lxrd

St. Louis

Music Producer, Song Writer

I’ve been producing,rap/singing, and engineering my own vocals for 5 years now. I’m looking for serious artists to build with.


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