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Creative SoundEngineer FOH/MON - Yilmaz Yeniyol

It is not important what to do, important is how to do.

Music Producer, Studio - Hitlanders

Music producer and engineer with 20 years of experience working with Mary J Blige and R. Kelly

session cellist, arranger - Dadaton

As a studied music educator, freelance cellist and composer I have gained a lot of experience in different projects, in everything from classical to pop and mainstream. My offer for you: I will arrange / record cello tracks for your musical project (all genres: folk, electro, rock, etc.)

Mixing, Mastering - Levgen Brat

Basically working on my own music. Just started building my resume

Write,Sing,Hooks&Verse Record - The Firin Squad

We are The Firin Squad and much like the Wrecking Crew, The Hitmen, or 1500 or Nothin we a collective of artist who love to write and produce hits. Also mixing records when its applicable.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Alex Truta

Top-class mixing and mastering for a radio-ready song. Flexible pricing, and unlimited number of reviews.

Recording,mixing & mastering - Cell11364 Studio

Digital and Analog Studio . Recording , Mixing, programming & mastering.

Pop And EDM Music Producer - Sasha Punch

Hi! I am a music composer and sound designer with 10+ years of experience in music composing, remixing, remaking, sound and texture design, sample packs creation, post production (mixing and mastering), audio editing and restoration.

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