Song Guru Producer Pro - Jeff




Song Guru Producer Pro

Producer Songwriter Pro Tools Master Touring Keyboard Player Jeff Jacobs can provide you with the credibility and expertise needed to Make your songs come to life. Having recorded and toured with Billy Joel, Foreigner, Julian Lennon, just to name a few, Jeff is a one stop shop for songwriters and producers alike.

Mixer, Engineer, Producer. - Carl



New York

Mixer, Engineer, Producer.

Multiple Grammy and Emmy Award winning mix engineer, including credits with U2, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Counting Crows, Orchestral movie scores, Broadway cast recordings and many more. In Stereo, 5.1 Surround, Ambisonic 3D Audio: Your access to world class results - Let's get mixing!

Producer / Artist Development - Sal




Producer / Artist Development

PRODUCER / ARTIST DEVELOPMENT / WRITER - Getting Artists where they need to go. I've worked with many top Pop & Country Artists and Singer-Songwriters but helping Indie Artists is also my specialty. 15+ years experience, top vintage gear in a World-Class Studio. P!NK, Chris Stapleton, Parmalee, Billy Joel

Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter - Melody




Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter

I can sing in any genre. I am classically trained. I usually sing jazz, pop, rock, RnB, whatever the gig calls for... I do remote session work from my home studio. Need a singer for your track? Let me know! I am a Telefunken endorsed artist

Session Singer - Michal




Session Singer

Hi! I am an Emmy-Winning singer, songwriter and recording artist. I can sing all styles of pop and rock, as well as jazz. I am not just a technically trained singer, I can provide your track with real artistry, attitude and emotion that will help it stand out and shine.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Hiro




Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Hiro is participating in the largest international project every day, such as the 2018 world cup official song, Cinema soundtrack and many hit songs around the world. So he has the contract 13 as endorsers. He worked with Yundi Li, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Berliner Philharmonie, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel.

Mix Engineer  - Jay

New York

Mix Engineer

Saturday Night Live Music Engineer. 1986-present. Co-owner of Music Mix Mobile M3 2008 - present

Mix Engineer / Audio Producer - Nick



New York

Mix Engineer / Audio Producer

Nick Miller is an award winning audio engineer, producer and professional musician in NYC specializing in audio for music, film and television. He heads a beautiful three room boutique recording studio in Manhattan as well as maintaining a multi-platinum client list including Grammy, Oscar and Tony winners.

Drummer and Percussionist  - Mingo


Drummer and Percussionist

I have performed live and recorded many studio records with: Carlos Santana, Billy Joel,The Tubes, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Di Meola, Return to Forever, Todd Rundgren, Cool and the Gang, X.T.C, David Bryne, Brain Eno, Jan Hammer, Joe Satriani, Miles Davis, Third World, Inner Circle, Raquel Welch, Toni Basil,

null - Larry

New York

My name is Larry Russell. I started my career as a drummer (and thank G-d I did) Switched to bass when I heard Paul McCartney and James Jamerson and never looked back. I believe these two instruments brought out my producers' talent. Thank you Paul and James!

null - Matt

South Beach

After 25 years in the industry Matt has had the opportunity to work with some of the greats. Specializing in mixing and operating one of the most beautiful studios in the world.

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