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Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Samarth Dhawan

Hi, I am somebody who loves enhancing music through the mixing and mastering process.

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Producer composer - Cinematic-man

Music composer arranger sound engineer and producer since more than 25 years

location recording production - Swineshead Productions, LLC

David v.R Bowles formed Swineshead Productions, LLC as a classical recording production company in 1995. His recordings have been GRAMMY-nominated (Classical - Best Orchestral Performance) and won the “Classical Orchestral Album” prize (Just Plain Folks Awards).

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Jason Dietz

Do you want to take your rough demos to the next level? Do you need fast mixing and mastering so you can release that new song to your eager fans?

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Teeta Maine

At the end of the day, it's YOUR song. I'm here to help continue YOUR hard work. I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a B.A in Music Production and Engineering, and have 110 5 star reviews on Fiverr.

Recording/Mixing Studio - Wicked Squid Studios

Wicked Squid Studios is a high level audio engineering collective based out of Rochester, NY with over 50 years of collective experience in the audio production industry.

Music Producer & Engineer - Giorgio Arcella

📀 Producer (as "Eiemgei") 💿 Sound Engineer, A&R & Music Consultant 🦀 Arcade Army Records founder

Mixing, Production - Bengineer

14 years of worldwide experience, analogue and digital, a lifetime of passion. Happy to take your music sonically as far as it can go. I have a modest set up that punches well above its weight so I can keep my costs low :)

Singer, Songwriter - Elie Sandberg


I provide professional vocals and harmonies with personality. I've got fifteen years of recording experience, and I sing a range of styles, from blues, folk, soul to rock and pop. I'm a perfectionist and I deeply respect my clients' integrity at the same time as I try my best to elevate everything I do to a higher level.

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