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Songwriter  - Jermie



Upcoming artist from Philadelphia, PA. Been song writing for about 8 years. I specializes in catchy choruses and melodies. At 24 years old I have exprience and still am up to date with the current generation and song trends.

recording studio/producer - Charlie


recording studio/producer

I am a music producer based in the south of the U.K. I record/produce all music, but specialise in recording rock/indie/heavy music. I own a small but incredibly well equipped home studio which I have built and work out of including a selection of mics, vintage tape and an analog Tascam recording console with enough space to track any instrument.


Singer/Songwriter - ELYSA

Los Angeles


I am a professional singer/songwriter working with majors (Warner Music US) and independent artists worldwide. Very good at making catchy hit melodies.

null - Fausto


Sound Designer - Pro Tools Expert certified

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - James


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

JFMM (James Franz Mixing & Mastering) is the answer for music creators who want a PRISTINE and PUMPING professional mix. JFMM delivers top quality mixes and will do everything to ensure you are happy with the end result. With 10+ years of top mixing experience, I am able to work comfortably in any genre; Rock, Hip-Hop, Singer-Songwriter etc.

Prod, Mix & Master - Underline


Prod, Mix & Master

You're a great writer and producer, but getting that cutting edge sound is challenging. That's where I can offer new perspectives and help you maximize the potential of your song. Platinum & Gold certified producer, mixer and writer. With songs featured on Hollywood movie trailers to Eurovision Song Contest.

Producer + Songwriter - Tecosha


Producer + Songwriter

I am a Canadian producer + songwriter based in Vancouver, BC.

Remote Mixing & Production - Cody


Remote Mixing & Production

As someone who has experience as both a signed touring musician (The Candescents) and successful songwriter, arranger, and producer, I know the hard work and dedication that goes into completing a track. My hope is to be an extension of your creative vision and to help your tracks sound exactly how you imagined them.

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