Soundtrack Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Guitarist/Bassist - Chand


Session Guitarist/Bassist

I'm an experienced, award winning, signed multi instrumentalist. I make guitar driven instrumental music and I am now looking to work with people all over the world and add what I can bring to your songs. I can play almost any genre and have every type of guitar set up you can think of and a very impressive home studio.

Film Composer - Chris


Film Composer

I have composed music for MTV and VH1 shows, a documentary with Forest Whitaker narrating, and many independent and branded content, with over 13 years of experience in the film and media industry. I'm a Berklee trained film composer and bassist and studied with Matt Garrison (son of Jimmy Garrison, John Coltrane's bassist). I also love cycling.

Composer | Arranger | Strings - Marcos

Buenos Aires

Composer | Arranger | Strings

Hi, Marcos here. I'am a classical trained cellist, bass player and composer. I want to help you to create great music! For more than 12 years i've been involved in diferent musical and media proyects. I love being part of the other people's music as well as writing or arranging: Collaborating is everithing. Let's work together!

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Jason


Mixing, Mastering, Producing

An easy to work with music producer with a background in rock, drone, pop and lo-fi. I can work with all ready recorded material or help give tips on existing productions. I can also help with mixing and mastering your music. At the heart of it, I just want to help make good songs great and help to bring a better vision to your work.

Guitarist, mixing/mastering  - Dragan


Guitarist, mixing/mastering

I have over 30 years of studio experience and hundreds of concerts as well as successful projects and happy clients. I record electric and acoustic guitar and bass guitar for anything from singles to full albums, ambient soundscapes, film scores, etc. Send me an email through the 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Composer/Producer/Multi Instr. - Alexander

Woodland Hills

Composer/Producer/Multi Instr.

My music can be heard in television shows like Alaskan Bush People, Locked Up Abroad, Savage Kingdom, Homestead Rescue, Judge Judy and feature films including 10 Minutes Gone and Grand Isle. A few artists I've collaborated with include Gloriana, The Mowgli's, Elisa Sun and Josh Atchley. Some of my ad clients include Starbucks, Purina and TikTok.


Los Angeles



Producer Session Work Scoring - Noor

North Hollywood

Producer Session Work Scoring

Composed for Nobel Prize Winners, collaborated and performed with Grammy Musicians/Producers, travelled the world with Symphonic Planet in search of exquisite sounds and music to share. There is also nothing more exciting than helping you create your legacy! Let's tell your story and make your mark in this world!


music-maker - ITs

Tel Aviv


a free thinker, composer, producer and bass player.

Film / TV Composer, Bassist - Benjamin

United States

Film / TV Composer, Bassist

Film/TV composer and touring/session bassist. Credits include Selena Gomez, National Geographic, Noah Cyrus, Google, Liz Phair, Discovery Channel, and over 30 films scored.

Session, Recording, Master - Nick


Session, Recording, Master

As a multi instrumentalist, I know the importance of instruments played together and their specific musical function in several styles, so a mix can "breathe" or the musical concept fits with the creative idea of the composer. Thinking outside the box or bring style to perfection, the bottom line is creation with concept.


mixer, producer, bass player  - Angus


mixer, producer, bass player

Award-winning chart-topping producer of 20 years... I've been working away tirelessly for 20 years now and have thousands of tracks placed in film, trailer, and tv, as well as numerous commercial releases which include a top ten UK hit...Blade Runner 2049, CSI, Just Call Saul, Sex in the City, Assasins Creed to name but a few

Music production/composition - Federico

Buenos Aires

Music production/composition

Home Studio producing since 2013, special focus on composing for different audiovisual projects including short films. Multigenre.


Producer/Engineer/Guitarist - Josh



Excellent work ethic and good vibes.

Instrumental indie guitar - Mas


Instrumental indie guitar

I have a library of instrumental, cinematic indie guitar post rock tracks that can be used as background and soundtracks.

Composer / Producer / Bassist - Chris

New York

Composer / Producer / Bassist

For years, you have already heard my music on every major TV network all over the world.

Guitarist/Composer/Producer - Jeff



I want to help you make music. I do lots of things, but mostly I play guitar. I've worked with lots of people in Indiana, Nebraska, and Oregon. I've worked on many albums, film soundtracks, music videos, you name it...

Film Composer Producer Library - Norman


Film Composer Producer Library

I strive to highlight the uniqueness of each artist or project that I am involved with. It’s all about your artistic expression. Focus is on composing for film and television as well as artist development and production. NOM INC. as Publisher, controls an ever growing library of varied music styles from cinematic to pop.

Producer. - Bob



Bob Rocket, music to explore sonic environment .

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