Analog Mastering, Music Master - Tim



New York

Analog Mastering, Music Master

I help music feel alive in an overly saturated market. Mastering for French Montana, DJ Sluggo, Nicholas Jaar, The Happy Mess, and Ayo Jay. Winning APRA and Platinum awards, including nominations for Grammy, & Headies awards. EVERY PROJECT is a chance to shine, big or small. My mastering helps artists uniquely stand-out, Start a chat and let's talk

Singer/ Multi-Platinum Writer  - Liana

New York

Singer/ Multi-Platinum Writer

Hey I'm Liana Banks. I'm a Multi Platinum singer/songwriter, Billboard Charter, & Ascap award winner from NYC. I have a unique & compelling vocal tone that has helped place records with many major label artists. I'm skilled in multiple genre's of music + have been called a "Genre-bender" by both billboard & RedBull music.

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 BluesyLeads&HeavenlyHarmonies - Cody



Chris Stapleton meets Cesaría Evora. Cody's vocals surprise and delight with smokey sultry grit that makes the song intimate and unforgettable.


Bass Guitarist, Producer - Adrian


Bass Guitarist, Producer

Musician | Producer | Content Creator | Whiskey lover

Session Guitarist - Curtis




Session Guitarist

Versatile, Nashville-based session guitarist.

Song Doctor and sound surgeon  - Ultra


Song Doctor and sound surgeon

If you wanna have a gut bucket get down sound ? If making people dance & groove to what your doing Is your desire ! If you want people interested enough In your songs to be the topic of conversation? Then look no further than ,Professor UVK

Electronics and Synths  - Other




Electronics and Synths

I specialize in those "other things" that make music incredible - the subtle ambience in the background of a track, that just-right synth tone, perfect sound design that makes a song feel whole. The things that fall just between writing and mixing that many people overlook. I'll make you love your song even more than you love it now.

Song Writing, Producing, Live - ROSEDALE


Song Writing, Producing, Live

I write, tour and perform under the name ROSEDALE.


Music producer/Audio Engineer - Nate



Cape Town

Music producer/Audio Engineer

Sixteen years of experience working with some of the biggest names and labels in the electronic music industry, specializing in music production, mixing, mastering and remixing.

Session cimbalom player  - Michal


Session cimbalom player

I can play a cimbalom part for you. Cimbalom is an unusual instrument from the Central Europe with very special and unusual sound and that’s why I’m sure even your project would sound unusual and special with this instrument.

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