The life of a song is the hook, I am naturally gifted in writing crazy hooks and whole song. I am an experienced producer and recording artist. I can vibe to Afro beats, Country/Western, EDM, Rnb, Hip Hop, Trap, Rock Reggae, et al. I can create melody where there is none. I have worked with several artists as a producer and as a songwriter.

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Music Producer, Beat Maker - Elxjah


Music Producer, Beat Maker

elijah who are you


Music Producer & Songwriter - Don

Long Island

Music Producer & Songwriter

I'm Mahdi, are you looking for a unique sound!

Audio Engineer - Doug

New York

Audio Engineer

Recent graduate, cheap prices.


I'm a songwriter and producer - Paatchi


I'm a songwriter and producer

I made you my kryptonite I dreamed about you everynight .


Music producer' song writer'  - Notez

New York

Music producer' song writer'

I produced "secret location" for remy ma, worked with Fat joe and papoose french Montana, i specialize in R&B, hip hop, spanish Gospel,rock,reggae,i play over 5 instruments great and fun to work with. Will get results in the studio..

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Charles

Los Angeles

Production, Mixing & Mastering

Charles Stella is an award winning, Grammy nominated Composer, Producer, Sound Designer and Engineer located in Los Angeles, CA

Mixing, Mastering - Geoff


Mixing, Mastering

Hello! with over 20 years experience I have seen and heard just about everything, but I still haven't heard from you! Producing, mixing and mastering music is the only thing I have ever really known and it is this that motivates me to get out of bed every morning.

Beatmaker/Music Producer - BeatzDrop


Beatmaker/Music Producer

I am a creative person who loves making beats on the MPC. That's the most important thing I love.

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