Human mastering you can trust - Camilo




Human mastering you can trust

Camilo Silva F : 2X Grammy Award winner, analog mastering ! Award-winning mastering skills and technology at a price you can afford ! Why settle for some random A.I mastering platform when you can have a real, trained,expert mastering specialist listening to YOUR needs? The real deal !

GRAMMY recorder and mixer - Maria




GRAMMY recorder and mixer

I am a recording, mixing engineer and producer, who have worked for GRAMMY and Latin Grammy nominated albums. Mary J Blige, Marc Anthony, Juanes, Natti Natasha and many other music legends. Pop, Latin Pop, Latin Urban, RnB, Pop Rock, Reggeton, and everything in between!!! Contact me for pricing and special song packages!

A Versatile Bass player,  - DIEGO

Los Angeles

A Versatile Bass player,

I am a versatile Bass player Electric, Upright and Synth Bass. Around many years I had the opportunity to play with many artist with different sounds and music types, so I am available to record what you need and how u need it!! just let me know and trust!

Music Production - DeltaRecords


Music Production

Leaders in music production, with a modern, technological and professional recording studio located in Bogotá City. Established in 2003 by Julio Monroy, DELTARECORDS is an optimal space to produce high quality music. Over the years, we have been the architects of many professional projects, turning artistic concepts into tangible realities.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Sergio


Recording & Mixing Engineer

Mixes done by Sergio have the unique characteristic of making you start dancing or head banging or whatever body expression you prefer and still retaining crystal clarity and definition

Composer, music producer - Alejandro


Composer, music producer

A kind of millennial musician melodically built from jazz and rock but with powerful rhythmic bases typical of Latin American music. My sound is raised between the legendary New Orleans and the fresh Cartagena sound, between the snarky New York sound and the spiritual sound of the Andes mountains in South America.

Producer and keyboard player - Emmanuel


Producer and keyboard player

World tour and session keyboard player, producer and songwriter. Media composer, film scoring.

Recorder, Mixer, Producer - Juan




Recorder, Mixer, Producer

I'm committed to make your music sound amazing! Sound engineer at Altar Audio near Bogotá, Colombia. I record, produce and mix your music up to the highest standards, with great taste and audio quality.

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