Vocalist, Composer & Violinist - Harini

New York

Vocalist, Composer & Violinist

Harini S Raghavan[Rini] is a New York based Indian Singer, Composer, Producer and Violinist who blends Indian Classical and Folk music with Electronica and Rock. She has recorded with Grammy winning composers A.R.Rahman and Bill Whelan and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

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Pop/ RnB Singer, Songwriter - Cora


Pop/ RnB Singer, Songwriter

A unique pop/rnb vocalist specializing in vocal control and dexterity who has worked on independent projects, movie soundtracks, and songs with Sony Music distributors.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Devin


Recording & Mixing Engineer

Sound is what I love to do. There are times, no matter what you are doing, where you hit that "sweet spot". You know, everyone knows - that you nailed it. I live for those moments. That's my job, making those moments happen.


Music Producer - Skit


Music Producer

Do you need high quality hip-hop/trap beats? Then stop looking, 'cause I'm your guy. Skilled producer who has worked with various artists, here to make your visions into reality. My work is creative, detailed, exciting, next level.


Audio recording & Production. - Anthony


Audio recording & Production.

Professional audio recording & production. Editing, remixing, composition & sound design.


Recording Engineer, Beat Maker - Ben

Kansas City

Recording Engineer, Beat Maker

I have been working as a recording engineer for 5+ years. I use FL Studio 20 for recording, mixing, mastering, and beat making. I have a strong attention to detail and take care in producing and curating quality content. I have a love for music and sound engineering in general.


Mixing & Mastering  - Matteo

27100 Pavia

Mixing & Mastering

Rap is my passion and my job. My province knows where to mix hip hop tunes!

Music Producer - George


Music Producer

Music Producer


Mixing & Mastering - Roykey


Mixing & Mastering

What´s up! I´m Roykey Julien, a graduatet Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer based in Munich, Germany. Feel free to contact me!


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