Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Zarius & Ashton

Mix & Master with a Mix Master - Rob Syvret


Clean, precise, detail oriented engineer who's goal is to go beyond your expectations and to make you smile when you first press play. No drama, no gimmicks, the way making music should be!

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Remote Mixing and Mastering - Genevieve Cyr

Studio Engineer with 9 years working in audio industry. Specialization in mixing and mastering for a variety of musical genres (electronic, folk, Hiphop). Own studio space with top-tier converters and out-board equipment, as well as digital processors.

Songwriter and singer - Maurizell

I am a singer & songwriter who takes experiences and make it into a work of art, envisioned a dream world constructed out of positivity, empathy and love, manufactured melancholy, and genuine glamour, and then he came to embody this fantasy.

Pop/Rock Bassist and Singer - Marco Montipò

Pop/Rock bassist and singer, skilled to many techniques and genres.

Studio | Mixing & Mastering - Unique Recording Studios

URS is a music studio in Sacramento that offers recording and post audio production, sound design, mixing, mastering, and web development with an honest work ethic at affordable prices. URS is an intimate space for writing and tracking in Sacramento, URS maintains a relaxing and supportive environment for quality creative work.

Cello_Arrangement_Ambitronica - Armed With Bow

I'm the independent, creative minded cellist you're looking for to add some string magic to your track. Whether you're just looking to fill out your track with some string parts or you're looking for some creative input for a cello feature on a track, I've got you.

Music Producer, Mixer, Singer - Chris Divine

Creative music mind from Austria. Mixing, Producing, Singing and much more. Specialized in Rock and Metal Genres. Frontman and Producer of Luna Rise.

Libreando Club - Libreando Club

En este blog también encontrarás artículos sobre escritoras como Oliva Sabuco, Josefina de la Torre o incluso sobre la biografía de Concha Espina. Es posible abonarte a su suscripción libros, entra en este sitio y verás porqué tienen tanta fama. La suscripción de obras literarias es muy habitual en otros países como Estados Unidos

Multi Grammy Prod/Mixer - Rik Simpson (aka Rikademus)

Rik has produced and mixed (along with other notables like Brian Eno, Paul Epworth & Max Martin) the last six Coldplay albums, now he's wanting to give something back to the audio community, let us know if you need his help.

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