Music Producer, Keyboardist - Ray



Los Angeles

Music Producer, Keyboardist

Hello! I'm a perfect pitch-endowed, classically trained pianist & electronic music producer. I've worked with many artists, producers, musicians, & bands across all genres, including pop, metal, jazz, orchestral, musical theatre, and choral - including original track productions, live shows, recording sessions, musical directing, and composition.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Renato


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Mix & Mastered for Matt Pokora’s Album R.E.D Mix & Mastered for AKON , Patorankin , Mokobe ,GLOWB and many more,..

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Music Producer, Songwriter - Dee



Los Angeles

Music Producer, Songwriter

My name is Dee Miinor. I am a music producer, engineer, and songwriter. I have been producing music over 15 years. My genres of specialty include Dance, Pop, Hip/Hop &R&B.

Recording & FOH Engineer - Johann

Buenos Aires

Recording & FOH Engineer

Prime Time television, Premier Live events and recording various artists is just a short list of what I've done. I've Sound Designed some of South Africas biggest live events like: Saftas 2009 & 2014; Madiba Africa Concert and the Vuka Sizwe concert to name a few.


Vocalist, Songwriter, Topliner - Erika

Los Angeles

Vocalist, Songwriter, Topliner

I'm a professionally trained singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles for over 8+ years. I recently released my downtempo, pop EP 'Ambiguity'. I'm an (AMDA Alum) and well versed in multiple genres including: Pop, Jazz, R&B-Soul, Electronic, Country, Musical Theatre, and more!

Online mix & mastering. - Varibeat


Online mix & mastering.

Welcome to my studio Varibeat Audio provides creative and technical solutions within music and sound. From production and composition to mix and mastering – of all media formats and to all platforms. Professional and responsive world-class mix and mastering. Friendly and fast service at affordable prices. On time - every time!

Session Bassist - Mike


Session Bassist

Hey! My name's Mike. I've been a bass player for 15 years and have played with multiple bands in a variety of styles. From funk and pop to post-rock and prog, I can provide you with a timely and well-written product no matter what the project! I also play guitar and create beats in my home studio.

I sing sing sing sing - Ellie

Los Angeles

I sing sing sing sing

I'm classically trained. My original song and I were featured in an Emmy Award Winning Show.


Mixing & Mastering, Production - Stevan




Mixing & Mastering, Production

I am a MPG Award nominated sound engineer & producer specialising in mixing and mastering and am certified to supply Apple Digital Masters. Coming from a Hip-Hop & electronic music background I now work mainly in alternative rock, folk & Jazz. I am working out of my Electronic Memory Studio in Frankfurt and The Cowshed in London.

Session Woodwinds Sax, Flute - Anthony



New Jersey

Session Woodwinds Sax, Flute

I make great music, I am great with harmony, I have worked with the likes of J. Cole and Public Enemy

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