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Music Producer Songwriter - Paze Infinite

Hi my name is Paze Infinite and I am a music producer based in NYC. As a producer/ beatmaker I've worked with the following artists: Jean Grae, Jessica 6, Nomi, and Tiye Phoenix among others. I specialize in hip hop and house but I am also very good at remixing and creating other electronic music genres as well

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Music Producer, Engineer - Lucas Messore

Lucas Messore is a guitarist, producer, engineer, and DJ from Miami who combines guitar with electronic music. Lucas has been playing guitar and recording for 12 years. He aims to create unfamiliar soundscapes, and to realize the music he hears in is head.

Mastering Engineer - Boman Music Productions


Scott Bowman provides top-level mastering services to get your music where it deserves to be. With 15+ years of experience being an artist, multi-musician, producer, mixing and mastering engineer and DJ, Scott knows what it takes to achieve mixes with maximum punch, loudness, clarity, depth and width. Unlimited revisions and a fast turnaround.

Saxophonist, composer,producer - Federico Missio

Try to get a meaningful sculpture out of a rough piece of marble.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - AUROMAYA AUDIO

Nic is an audio engineer and composer with a decade of experience working in studios across Melbourne and a impressive showreel of past work. I can mix and master your music and deliver a release ready file to industry standards for TV / Radio / Internet / Spotify.

Musician/Engineer/Producer - Victor Salas

Well what can be said xcepet that i uh well yeah, i am a musician first, im a guitarist, bassist, and pianist. I am also mix engineer/producer, so there's that. I've been at the music game, for a bit now, always looking to work on something interesting, looking for the new challenge, and looking to expand on my work. Enjoy working with passionate a

Music Producer, Beat Maker - Argüello

Argüello is an artist producer and DJ, he is also a music producer and beatmaker, making hits for another artists.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Maximilian Duwe

Specialized on treating vocals the best I can, powerful low end and mixes that vibe. Preserving the feeling you had in mind while doing the rough mix is my goal - as well as bringing it to life and making it jump out the speakers.

Mixing & Mastering - Dennis Forsberg

I will mix and master your track until you are happy with the result.

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