Audio Mastering studio - Clockwork

Melbourne VIC

Audio Mastering studio

At Clockwork Audio Mastering we use the best tools at our disposal to offer clients a finely tuned, detailed master. Catering for CD, online streaming, digital download, vinyl, and more.

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Mixing, Music Production - Solar


Mixing, Music Production

Music Producer, Sound Engineer who tries to stimulate the imagination of the listener. Using digital synthesizers and recorded audio, he combines Electronic, Downtempo, Chill Out, and Ambient music styles with sounds of the environment to create otherworldly atmospheres.


Online Mixing Engineer - Nick


Online Mixing Engineer

Hi, my name is Nick Kirby and I run Virtual Mix Studio. VMSo is an independent recording studio at the foot of Windsor Castle in Eton, Berkshire, UK. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality output for the lowest price.

Beatmaker, Mixing & Mastering  - ZeDemusic


Beatmaker, Mixing & Mastering

I'm a former Beatbox-worldchampion 2009-2012 and Music Producer. I working professional as a Beatmaker and Sound Engineer for 5 years. As a Beatboxer i performed all over the world. I judged over 30 international and national beatbox battles. As a Producer i was part on two NR.1 Albums in the Swiss Album Charts.

Folksinger - mandola - guitar - Britt


Folksinger - mandola - guitar

As a songwriter and band leader, I understand how to enhance, and not overpower the main message: you. I provide melodic and rhythmic support to folk, bluegrass, americana and other acoustic styles. My performance career with Pinegrass has taught me the value of rhythmic drive, and fine acoustic tone.

Mixing and Mastering,Voiceover - Andriy__


Mixing and Mastering,Voiceover

I'm working with studios in Ukraine and can provide any type of work related to music)


Mixing&Mastering - Guillaume



Originally musician as a bass player, composing for Tv or radio commercials 10 years ago, I became a mix engineer.

Music Producer Mix & Mastering - TEA


Music Producer Mix & Mastering

I was able to produced Bank Of Africa Music and Advert for its media and commercial purposes.

remote mixing and recording  - Abbey


remote mixing and recording

Great mixes at affordable prices

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