Producer, Composer, Mixing - Kevin


Producer, Composer, Mixing

I am a Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Producer and Musician. I give every project the care it requires to make sure that the vision is achieved. I've worked with a number of different artists across a variety of different genres, gaining experience and enjoying the journey along the way.

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Session Drummer, Editing - Scotty


Session Drummer, Editing

Philadelphia based working musician with 10+ years experience. I've been hired by countless musicians over the years. Most notable is my Spotify Singles session with McClenney(Grammy nominated writer of 'Location' by Khalid), playing his arrangement of Redbone by Childish Gambino. My goal is to sink into the groove that will bring the song to life

🎧 Mixing & Mastering 🎧 - Andrea


🎧 Mixing & Mastering 🎧

Mixing Mastering Drummer


Give you a guaranteed hit - Habibi


Give you a guaranteed hit

The "Ghost" behind numerous music hits in Pop and EDM for the biggest names in music.


Mix - Master - Diamond


Mix - Master

Mix and master


Mixing engineer, producer - Raffaele

81100 Caserta

Mixing engineer, producer

Remote mixing and mastering engineer, always evolving, always exploring.

Studio/Producer/Engineer - Peter



I have decades of experience in production, starting in analog (before there was digital). I trained under Disney Chief Engineer Don Dorsey. Owned a 24 track studio in Orange/Santa Ana, CA, and have worked with all levels of artists. My focus is always on the song, and what it needs to shine!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Frankie


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I strive to be the guy, (where in this day in age where everyone can get a laptop and software), who takes pride in the art of mixing, and can give my clients a lifelong physical and audible memory of the amazing music they created. I’m a bass player and engineer, let’s connect to take your music to the next level.


Remote Mix Engineer, Producer. - @andresesanalogo

Mexico City

Remote Mix Engineer, Producer.

Vinyl, tape and dogs lover, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer.


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