Beatmaker, Music Producer - Zach


Beatmaker, Music Producer

Lofi/chill beatmaker, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Billboard chart placement, experience with 20+ US and international tours, and a Berklee College of Music degree.

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Session Singer/Songwriter + VO - DEANNA

Los Angeles

Session Singer/Songwriter + VO

Artist and songwriter with experience in writing and recording EDM toplines, R&B/K-Pop/Pop records, and hooks. My work has also been featured in campaigns for Netflix and in popular Spotify playlists.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Garrett

Los Angeles

Mixing, Mastering & Production

Prominent producer and mixer in LA. I have worked with PTAF, the creators of the hit song boss ass bitch, as well as different youtube stars. I learned working with these artists how to develop a well polished, radio ready sound from start to finish. I promise to deliver this sound to your mix. It will sound great on every stereo system guaranteed.

Session singer  - Paulo


Session singer

20 years of experience on singing. Can sing in English, Portuguese and Spanish


Lofi Hiphop Beatmaker - Sinnr


Lofi Hiphop Beatmaker

I am specialized in Lofi hiphop. But i can create all kinds of beats, so let me know what you want!

Trumpet/Flugelhorn Player - Diogo

São Paulo

Trumpet/Flugelhorn Player

Brazilian Trumpeter, from São Paulo. Participated in concerts and recordings with artists such as: João Donato, Camille Bertault, Natiruts, Ed Motta, Zezé di Camargo & Luciano, Projeto Coisa Fina, Ellen Oléria, Mutinho.

Mix / Mastering / Producer - Dirk


Mix / Mastering / Producer

Producing | Mix | Mastering | Arranging | Songwriting | Instrumentals | Vocals | Acoustic Guitars | Lyrics

Audio Solutions - Alma

São Paulo

Audio Solutions

Audio Solutions, for TV Commercials, Film, and Music.

Pro vocalist,Singer-songwriter - Shawkins


Pro vocalist,Singer-songwriter

Im an award winning vocalist,voice actor and singer-songwriter . I have 40 plus years experience in stage and sound. I've worked with musicians of all levels in the industry from world famous to A/B-Bands. My clients and their creative vision matter to me. I take GREAT pride in my work and yours.


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