Lockdown Mixing 24|7 - Chris


Lockdown Mixing 24|7

Read the reviews. 😊😊 Unlimited free revisions on mixes. Millions of streams and many #1's around the world. Real time hi-def streaming revisions with AudioMovers or Source-Connect.

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null - Wall


Wall Of Sound productions offer Studio, Live & Location recording services in Edinburgh & throughout Scotland. Online editing, mixing & mastering also available.

I'm a mixing engineer. - SBStudios

New Jersey

I'm a mixing engineer.

Hey guys my name is steven brown, I have worked with rock, hip hop, rap,salsa,bachata,merengue and R&B you name it and i have done every type of genre. I'm a freelance mix engineer working my through and helping others. I hope you guys are having a great day every day. Lets make you guys a great mix thats why i'm here for to make great mixes!!.

Fully written songs - Hazy


Fully written songs

Cheap, fully written songs. I have over ten years of experience and millions of streams on my work.


Session guitarist/composer - Dan


Session guitarist/composer

Multi instrumentalist that specialises in original compositions.


Singer/Songwriter Producer     - Keith


Singer/Songwriter Producer

My name is Keith Stewart, I'm a songwriter living in the Los angels area. Iv'e worked with some of the best artist in the music industry, with my experience and gifts i want to use this platform to help others create this beautiful art! Looking forward to working with you.

Tons o' Guitar and Production - Joe

Los Angeles

Tons o' Guitar and Production

Hey! I've been working on making records for over twenty years as a guitarist, producer, composer and whatever else has been needed to bring out the best in a project. I've always loved the challenge of thrilling clients with the end result would greatly appreciate the honor of working with you on your next recording!

Creative Mixes | Solid Masters - Dereck


Creative Mixes | Solid Masters

Hello! I am a passionate professional mixing / mastering engineer, producer, and sound manipulator based in Boston, MA. I operate a boutique studio where I work with most of my clients, in person or remote. I employ a custom hybrid mixing and mastering setup using the best of analog and digital tools, much of the analog gear I have made myself.

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