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Recording, Mixing, Production - MagicMix Studio

If you are an alternative, rock or indie band looking for the best place to record around Seattle we want to hear from you. We produce music because we love it. We built the best studio we could imagine with ATC monitors, SSL AWS console, quality outboard and microphones. We will get the sound you are after.

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 - AudioFlip

Hello, I'm a long time Audio Engineer and Audio Tech. Love this career and love working on new age material. I'm also a mentor for the Radio, Recording, and Film Connection. "Taking Pride in Your Vibe"

mixing, editing, production - Evan Crosby

I've been recording myself and my friends for over a decade and am interested in exploring other people's music. Since I'm just starting out on this site, I'll work for cheap.

Mixing and mastering engeneer - Serch

I love music and making it sound better is my greatest passion, unfortunately I'm a newbie in this, but definetly I know what I'm doing, as I practice in my home studio often and have the will and responsabiltily to do the best job possible.

Singer and Dancer - Martu Doglioli

A full performer, combining sing and dance.

Engineer, Producer, Editor - Sam Martin

Grammy nominated recording engineer and producer with 15 years experience with both major labels and independents. Professional engineering, production, mixing, tuning, comping, pocketing and more.

Music Producer, Singer - Luis Mi

I'm a producer that works with lots of genres from cumbia to pop, rock n' roll and even reggaetton. Always in the pursue to get the artist's vision to an even greater place they didn't knew they could get.

Singer/Songwriter - Justin J. Moore


I am professionally trained singer, having studied under my parents, both of whom graduated from The Juilliard Music School for classical voice. I am proficient in singing multiple genres including: pop, EDM, R&B, Soul, and more. My voice has been compared to John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and Josh Groban.

Music Producer/Songwriter  - Juanemus/Suriliance Sound

I believe we all have a desire to be heard, to be understood. Some need a little more help than others to reach that point. With more than 12 years of musical experience, I can help in creating perfect clarity with high-quality mixes and production.

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