Violinist, Vocalist, Composer - Hannah


Violinist, Vocalist, Composer

A driven award-winning professional fiddler & vocalist rocking the Chicago scene for 10+ years. She is a well-rounded violin & vocal performer having tons of experience both on stage and in the studio. Also fluent in a plethora of genres from country to classical as well as sight-reading proficiency and exemplary ear training skills.

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session drummer and recording - Leo


session drummer and recording

i am a session drummer whit studio on my own and i have experience recording drums and sounds really good i think.....i have a unike "hybrid kit" that allows me endless posivilities very easy.....

Remote Mixing, mastering, etc - David


Remote Mixing, mastering, etc

I have been working with sound and audio for a while. I am currently technical directing in Jax, and would love to take a crack at your mix!


I'm a freelance sound engineer - Stefano

La Spezia

I'm a freelance sound engineer

This is, Stefano Agnetta, a freelance sound engineer, living in La Spezia.Italy I started out as a drummer, but in my long journey i sang in many bands, and i played guitar, bass, i wrote songs, recorded and produced album. In last years my passion for recording, mixing and mastering gave me the possibility to collaborate and help a lot of artists

Mixing and Mastering - Kalet


Mixing and Mastering

I am a 15+ year veteran in the studio with experience working alongside industry professionals and artists at the highest levels. I am offering my mixing and mastering services at special discounted rates exclusively here on SoundBetter.

violin - Betty



Hi, my name is Betty Smith!


Music Producer, - Jinus/ArkumRiot

Melbourne VIC

Music Producer,

All remix / Production requests and DJ bookings contact Aaron at or


null - Michael


mixing&mastering engineer


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