Hip Hop Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Music Producer & Label Manager - Alessandro


Music Producer & Label Manager

In the beginning, sound design was created

Music Producer, Songwriting  - Don


Music Producer, Songwriting

A sound designer and music producer with in-depth knowledge of sound design, mixing, composing and performing wide variety of musical styles and genres, with 4 years of experience working on radio as radio imaging producer.


Beats & Analog Sounds - SweetsoniqNYC

New York

Beats & Analog Sounds

Dave Daves’ custom sounds are unforgettable, as are his melodies, harmonies, counterpoint arrangements, synthesizer orchestration, and percussion. He does it all, and he does it fast.


Sound Designer/ Audio Editor - Israel

Los Angeles

Sound Designer/ Audio Editor

I am a sound designer who loves everything relating to post production sound. I have an out of the box mind when it comes to designing intricate sounds. I am hard working, dedicated, and maintain optimal speed all while delivering high quality results. I would love the opportunity to showcase my talents.


Instrumental Hip Hop Producer - MEAK


Instrumental Hip Hop Producer

I remember being 16 years old and starting to get into hip hop acts like wu-tang clan, alchemist and gang starr. To name just as few. Since listening to those dusty, soulful beats I've been working hard at trying to replicate that style whilst developing my own sound to make each track unique.

Music Producer - Shoey


Music Producer

Been making music for a couple years also have connections with Tasha the Amazon!


Mix And Master Professionally  - Nonchalant_E


Mix And Master Professionally

We Heard You Wanted Great Music Of All Genres All At One Place


Sound Design and Mixing - Ben


Sound Design and Mixing

Hi there! I've got a bachelor's degree in audio engineering from Belmont University and extensive experience doing sound design for film, animation, and games, including working on an ADR session for The Walking Dead. I also often record voiceovers for 650 AM WSM, radio home of the Grand Ole Opry. I'm also friendly and easy to work with!

Composer, Artist, Engineer - Jermaine

Los Angeles

Composer, Artist, Engineer

Dynamic, International Composer and Remote Studio Engineer Seeks! New Clients for Original Music, Placement of Compositions: Movie Scores, as well as Mixing & Mastering Tracks. Life in Japan and in the Philippines gives TriLingual Jermaine, the ability to contribute exotic tones to HIp Hop Beats. Take Your Music to the Next Level: Jermaine Inoue!

Music Producer Record Mixing - Producer


Music Producer Record Mixing

Throughout my career, I have gained recognition as a world renowned producer with over 20 years of experience and awards in the industry of music. This career has given me the pleasure of producing hybrid genres including but not limited to Urban Pop music to Hip Hop music in both East and West coast markets. I am adept in the full range of producing

Sound Design/Music Production - Mind


Sound Design/Music Production

I am a five year experience sound designer and music producer from Porto who really loves music and the study of the sonic field.


Im a Lo-Fi extrodinare - BROWN_BUDDHA


Im a Lo-Fi extrodinare

I can make Lo-Fi House, Hip-hop, Trap, and I can also mix and master your tracks. Ive worked with underground hip hop artist such as MAASSAI, SIDEWALKKAL Ur Maa, Ade Hakim, and JayCinema.


Music Producer  - Joelito.Joelito.Joelito


Music Producer

Hi, my name is Joel Rodriguez and I want to be your producer and mixing engineer. I strongly believe that if you hire me as your producer or mixing engineer, not only will good quality product be there, but also at a reasonable price.

Producer Songwriter - Town

Mid East Coast

Producer Songwriter

We create the vibe so you don't have to.


Music Producer - Bah

Los Angeles

Music Producer

Sony ATV Music Producer from Tallahassee Florida now working in Los Angeles. My production Style is Heavily influenced by Progressive World Music and Alternative rock with Heavy Urban Drum Beats (M.I.A./Santigold) My Production Credits: Co/prod Black Eyed Peas - Just can't get enough, Lil Wayne -hollyweezy, Gucci Mane - Little friend.


Modern Audio Works - Lightzone


Modern Audio Works

Producer , Music Composer, Mixing and Mastering engineer for over 20 years

Freelance Sound Editor - Kawame


Freelance Sound Editor

Dialogue and Sound Editorial


Music Production,Sound design. - Simpll


Music Production,Sound design.

14+ Years of experience in music production, creating music for Film, Tv, streaming and or any other medium needing music.


Music Producer - Viper

San Fernando

Music Producer

Crazy beat makers (Apex and eNVee) who can make any type of beat with precision. Beats with International Sound and a Unique feel every time.

Producer | Mixing Engineer - Nicky


Producer | Mixing Engineer

I have the ability to find samples and chop the holy shit out of them, henceforth his friggin’ name. Each track is essentially an emotionally-charged last car-ride with an axiomatic 1930’s mobster/butcher hybrid clenching both a smoking Tommy Gun and a razor sharp BEAT CLEAVER. Need a beat, Mastering, Mixing, Soundscape design? Hit me up!


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