Musicproduction, Beatmaker - Sync


Musicproduction, Beatmaker

My name is Hugo, better known as Sync & Play. I'm a Swedish songwriter and musicproducer specialising in Electronic and Pop music. I've been producing music for the past 10 years. I'm helping people all around the world and I can't wait to hear from you! If you're an artist and need help with a song.. hit me up!

Mixing, Mastering,& Production - Griffin


Mixing, Mastering,& Production

I have been mixing music and engineering for the past 6 years. I started off as an artist myself, but quickly found my passion strictly as a recording and mix/master engineer. I find this side of music rather than being the artist, is a still very rewarding and satisfying. Making a song that excites you feels the same to me when I do my job.

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Music Producer + Songwriter - Andy

New York

Music Producer + Songwriter

Went from being a touring musician to a touring music photographer. I'm still doing the camera thing, but I'm here to properly use my musical abilities. Inspired by the greats, my goal is to make everything look and sound as iconic and timeless as possible.


Violinist / Pianist / Arranger - Alejandro

Buenos Aires

Violinist / Pianist / Arranger

Session musician: Violinist and Pianist. Composer and Arranger.


null - Mue


Born in St. Louis Mo. Mue Lala is a refreshing new sound/artist/writer/producer currently residing in Atlanta, Ga.

Mastering & Mixing - FBR



Rhode Island

Mastering & Mixing

Interactive, no-ego mastering from someone with years of experience working with Platinum Selling artists & underground/independent artists alike. Have done projects for Thrasher Magazine & DC Shoes, recently mastered the music that accompanied a new book by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author from the New York Times.

Compose, Produce, Mix, Master - Leonardo


Compose, Produce, Mix, Master

| Composer | Multi Instrumentalist | Record Engineer | Mixing Engineer | Mastering Engineer | Live Engineer | Singer of Pobeda, Drummer of Dance Layers of the Atmosphere, Guitarrist & Composer at Laps Around The Sun and brains at Third Rome. Based at DTH Studios Moscow ((


Music Mastering & Production - sEQuel


Music Mastering & Production

sEQuel Sounds focuses on pushing music forward. We achieve a dynamic sound with the use of both analog and digital gear to highlight the hidden details within the music. Mainly focused on hip hop and electronic-based genres, our services are diverse and perfect for taking your music to new levels. We serve artists that want to make bold statements.

Rapper/Song Writer  - Stunna


Rapper/Song Writer

Greetings. Check out my website and lets create something amazing.


Vocals, Trailers ,Raper  - DAN


Vocals, Trailers ,Raper

Born in Costa Rica, Dan R. started his first steps in the music scene as an Mc in Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B bands. Performed with prestigious DJ´s and opened massive concerts, like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike , Wolf Pack , Yves , Quintino , Makasi, Depeche Mode, Performed Vocals ,Voice over, Host ,Mc , Raper Spanish English

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