Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Dary

United Kingdom

Mixing & Mastering, Producer

I am a versatile music producer, composer and mixing and mastering engineer. I have worked on different genres through out my life, 10 years in the music industry I mainly work with Tropical, Pop, Reggaeton sound, however I can pull it off on another genres, such as Alternative Rock, Alternative, Trap, R&B and more.

Producer, songwrite beats, mix - Jhon


Producer, songwrite beats, mix

Who is jhon beat? He is a producer, beatmaker composer, mix engineer and digital master, Colombian artist, he has worked singles and albums with the best Colombian artists of reggaeton, hip hop, dancehall, trap, he has made music for TV commercials and short films, you can listen to everything its content on youtube.

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Blues guitar and Vocals  - Michael


Blues guitar and Vocals

Recording & Mixing ingeneer, Blues Guitar and Vocals for hire Music production & consulting All around cool cat , all about the music ;)


Make music - Maciej


Make music

Beat making


Session musician.  - Boney

Keelung City

Session musician.

Am an African with an International touch.Played for 15 years and I get the job done.

Musician, Mixing, Mastering,  - Matt


Musician, Mixing, Mastering,

I've worked with various genres of musicians. I play, guitar, drums, bass and piano. I enjoy the process of writing/recording and making music with quality. I work mainly with Pro Tools and have been using this DAW for 10 years. I have a large virtual instrumental library as well as mixing and mastering tools. I have also done music score for film

Singer, Producer, Mix Engineer - Bobby

Orange County

Singer, Producer, Mix Engineer

Are you looking to get your music sounding the best it possibly can? Then pick us! The two of us are driven by perfection all while being easy to communicate and work with. We are more than capable of tackling any songwriting, recording, production, mixing, and/or mastering needs you might have. What are you waiting for? :)

Producer, Mixing and Composer - Trouse

Mexico City

Producer, Mixing and Composer

Hi! I'm Trouse a young Mexican DJ & producer If you want to create and improve the best sound for you, I'm your guy! With more than 5 years of experience, and with a close approach to the actual music industry. I'm in love with every genre of music and I love to create great sounds.


Recording Studio & Mixing - Victor


Recording Studio & Mixing

I consider myself completely creative, all the time I am making new ideas, practicing and listening to new music. I work for a recording studio in Mexico City and for my part I produce artists and I dedicate myself to making mixes. I have worked with people like Ed Maverick, Comisario Pantera, Enjambre, Torreblanca, The Guadaloops, ando many other

Poet, Vocalist, HipHop artist - Savage


Poet, Vocalist, HipHop artist

Public Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Hip Hop Artist, Vocalist, Writing Coach, Activist! 20+ years experience in the entertainment industry! Fmr. President of Speak Up Poetry Slam Organization! Can write for any genre! Can feature for any genre! Quick Turnaround! Music's biggest fan.lol!

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