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Recording & Mixing

Residential studio dedicated to indie artists with low budget. Experienced sound engineer who can bring your mixdown to the next level!

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Music Producer Drum Programmer - Zach

Los Angeles

Music Producer Drum Programmer

As a drummer and producer, I draw on my wide range of experiences in the acoustic world to create electronic productions that feature organic grooves and strong melodic ideas. I work to put the humanity of a song in the spotlight.


Mixing, Mastering,vocal tuning - The


Mixing, Mastering,vocal tuning



null - Juha-Matti


I'm a former studio intern, graduated student of studio technology and music business and I currently also work as a mixing and recording engineer or producer. I mainly use my own production workstation and occationally do lockouts in other studios.

null - Dave

New York

A producer, mixer, recordist, and drummer located in New York City, David uses his wealth of musical and recording experience to bring the best out of every project he touches. His signature style manifests itself in the betterment of the artists he works with and the impeccable quality of his recorded works.

Producer, Guitarist, Engineer - Lyric


Producer, Guitarist, Engineer

Let's create the music for them to fall in love to!

Mixing & Mastering - Art


Mixing & Mastering

Looking for a Great Mix in your price range? Come to Death Row lol, Seriously, I work with everyone. I love mixing and have a strong drive for it. Take a change.


Session Musician/Composer Keys - Rein


Session Musician/Composer Keys

Easy to work with and definitely up for recording synths/piano and compose music for games and film.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sound


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Constantly Pushing Sonic Boundaries to give you the sound you desire and a sound your listeners will love.


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