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Photo of Scott Vera

Scott Vera

Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
  • Recording Studios - $200/Day
  • Vocal comping - $40/Track
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Hello everybody my name is Scott Vera, producer, songwriter, and engineer from Las Vegas, NV. I specialize in pop music production and have over 10 years of experience in audio production, engineering and songwriting. Allow me to assist you by giving your music that industry sound you've been searching for.

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Photo of Klangquartier


Bremen, Germany
  • Mastering Engineers - $80/Song
  • Restoration - $75/Hour


Photo of Hunter Rick

Hunter Rick

Mixing, Mastering, Producer
Vista, CA, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
  • Post Mixing - $50/Minute
  • Beat Makers - $50/Song
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I'm an amateur mixing/mastering engineer, and producer. I'm willing to work for lower than the this sites minimum listed prices and will take any job or challenge given to me. I am currently taking classes in order to earn my degree in audio engineering and have had plenty of experience. I believe in long hours to get the best result possible!

Photo of Shuta Shinoda

Shuta Shinoda

Studios, Produce,Mix Record
London, United Kingdom
  • Recording Studios - $250/Day
  • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song

Shuta Shinoda is the recording engineer and producer, nominated for Mercury prize 2015 for Ghost Poet, at Hackney Road Studios; a multi-room facility housing two premium quality vintage recording studios, each containing some of the most desirable vintage and modern specifications available in the industry today.

Photo of MixCorner


Mixing Studio
Paris, France
  • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
  • Editing - $40/Track
  • Time alignment - Quantizing - $40/Track

MixCorner is a mixing studio. We work online using a secure online storage.

Photo of Real Carrera

Real Carrera

Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Producers - $500/Song
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $200/Song
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I produce music and music video projects from start to finish by handling all of the complex logistics involved in producing high-quality work. I also test/review the final pre-release versions by showcasing them to my network of industry mentors and applying their expert feedback into the work.

Photo of Shannon Hu

Shannon Hu

Mixing / Music Producer
New York, NY, USA
  • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
  • Editing - $40/Track
  • Beat Makers - $400/Song
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Mixing / Music Producer

Photo of Olmo Ortiz

Olmo Ortiz

Music Mixer & Producer
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
  • Producers - $350/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
  • Sound Design - $75/Minute
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Music producer & Sound designer graduated from the Toronto Film School and currently finishing Digital Music Production @ ITESM My credits go from professional full feature films to live and recorded music productions

Photo of Alex VanTrue

Alex VanTrue

London, UK
57 Reviews
  • Singer - Male
  • Top line writer (vocal melody)
  • Songwriter - Lyrics
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Hey! I'm Alex VanTrue and I'm a professional singer. I have excellent tuning, wide range, imagination for toplines and harmonies. 11 years of professional live/studio experience and 10 more as an amateur. You can check that out on the tracks I provide.