Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Rockola Estandar

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Bryan Fonseca

I love mixing and mastering. 10 Years working on this. I do my best on each project. Come and make good music together

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 - A.m. Effe

hey im the drummer of the band danaplan. we play instrumental music, check out on youtube if you like. besides playing drums, i play guitar, bass, a bit of piano and synths. i began to record all my ideas one day and realized, that its really easy for me to create complete songs.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mike Sanins

My name is Mike, and I have been making/mixing and producing music for 6 years. I have developed a skill set that allows me to make professional sounding music, making use of industry standard techniques and software.

Audio Engineering/Production - Trak Atiks Music, LLC

Trak Atiks Music, LLC is a full-service company that provides consulting, audio editing, audio mixing, audio production & audio recording services. We are global.

Mix Engineer / Sound Painter - Alex Rodriguez

Hello, I'm a Mixing Engineer. I paint with sound. I can help you fulfill the vision that you have for your song or project by taking the ideas and creativity that are in your head, and making them come to life sonically so that we can all enjoy them. I will help you fulfill your vision through to the very end of the process!

produce, mix, master, drums - The Hidden Studio

Hey there. My name's Mike Geier. I was nicknamed MacGyver by a popular DJ, due to my ability to take a few ordinary tracks and make 'em explode. I've played in a lot of bands, and worked with a lot of labels. I always try to make the product something I'd pay for, and I think that's why my clients keep coming back.

Session Bassist, Producer - Douglas Giorgiani

I’m ready to add the groove into you recording session. No matter what style what matters is the feeling, passion, love you put in what you do!

give me more, please... - DJ Telaviv

Sound Engineer, DJ, Educator

Music Creator / Studio Hobbit - Frederick Thorne

Creating music that paints visuals and moods is the goal, and curated playlists connected to music lovers' ears is the destination.

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