Singer-Songwriter Recording Studios

Record yourself or your band. These recording studios have the talent, equipment and acoustic space to make it happen

Recording Studio - Haldern


Recording Studio

Welcome to Haldern Studio. We are a team of music enthusiasts who are running a highly professional studio located at the beautiful landscape of the lower rhine area. We offer long time experiences in the field of audio processing and music production together with a professional studio at highest technical level.

Recording Studio / Label Owner - Hardly


Recording Studio / Label Owner

I am Cre8tr & my team - the.MuTants - Why MutanTs? Well, everything we do couldn't be done by humans. We've written, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered some really groundbreaking Local, National and International artists and would love to expand ourselves by working with other creatives who are ready for a new sound and wide open creativity!

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Recorded

Long Island

Audio Engineer, Music Producer

I work alongside you from pre-production to mastering to ensure you love your music, it stands out, and can help you get to the next level. I am well trained, experienced, and have a passion for making music. I'm right for you because I am the missing link for your music. I will help make your songs sound complete, and compete in your genre.


Recording & Mixing Studio - Bitte


Recording & Mixing Studio

Let me capture your emotions and your energy while keeping the flow and the groove! Let's record and mix your song as good as possible. As a professional sound engineer I dig excellent sonics, and dealing with one another in a way that respects values and differences.

Recording Studio & Production - BioSoul

Los Angeles

Recording Studio & Production

BioSoul Music is a multi-functional, hybrid studio geared towards recording live instruments and integrating them into modern electronic production. Run by songwriter/producer/instrumentalist Daniel Weidlein, the studio has worked with Luke Edgemon, Blake McGrath, Matt Bloyd, PERTA, Ryan Amador, Julie Craig, Stan Taylor and many more.

singer-songwriter producer - LaConda


singer-songwriter producer

I sing, write and produce every single genre of music with proficiency. I stand alone when it comes to vocal ability range and uniqueness. I'm professional in all business aspects and deliver everything in a timely manner cause i am the studio owner, engineer and the singer and songwriter. My peers of grammy award producers and writers respect me

Sound Engineer&Music Prouction - LAB

Buenos Aires

Sound Engineer&Music Prouction

Lucio Berté CEO of LAB Is a multinstrumentist , Audio Engineer & music producer with more than 10 years of experience in the music industry working in different branches of Audio. Working on recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering up to Composition, Audio for Video Games and Podcasting.

Recording Studio - Exactitude

New York

Recording Studio

Exactitude is a recording studio located in west village of Manhattan. The studio's ambition is to create a unique ambiance for singer-songwriters from all genres, to reach a authentic intimate sound, using analog recording equipments and help every artist finding their sound identity and eventually experience a memorable production process.

Mix Engineer/Producer/Bassist - Aaron

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer/Producer/Bassist

Professional mixing engineer, production, vocal tuning and remote session work at a commercial studio for indie rates.

Studio Recording and Mixing - Real


Studio Recording and Mixing

Quality Recording, Production and Mixing for low prices

Recording Mixing Production - ACR


Recording Mixing Production

We are a full service recording studio and production company running on a Logic Pro platform. Come into our studio and lets see what kid of magic happens or send us your audio files and vision and we can work remotely with your audio and stem files or Logic Pro project files. Recent projects for Scott Long the album "Faith and Family Matters"

Record Mix Master Produce - Frequency


Record Mix Master Produce

Record | Mix | Master | Produce Radio Ready Music


Producer/ Mixer/ Engineer - 7th


Producer/ Mixer/ Engineer

Rock Music "Guru" (as one of my clients called me) avail for a variety of studio related tasks. Recording and Producing, Mixing, etc but also session guitarist and vocalist. I've been in this game a long time, have the gear and the scars to prove it


Acoustic Mandolin Electric  - RussFreemanMusic


Acoustic Mandolin Electric

My strength is adding instruments to your creation. We can also put words and music to your idea and create an excellent demo.

Producer, Recording & Mixing  - Bente


Producer, Recording & Mixing

I work with independent bands and singer-songwriters for more than 20 years. Music is a wonderful and precious thing for me! Artists use music to tell their personal story. As a producer I am deeply concerned with capturing the energy that comes from this process.

Producing, Recording, Mixing - Musicaperilcervello

24043 Caravaggio BG

Producing, Recording, Mixing

MusicaPerIlCervello is a new and fully equipped studio based in Caravaggio, Italy, born from the dream of two musicians: the songwriter Riky Anelli and the sound engineer Frankie Matano.

Music production - Songstar


Music production

I specialize in helping solo artists and songwriters get their songs recorded and ready for release to fans, or to pitch to today's contemporary music industry. I offer studio set up training, Logic X training as well as mixing and mastering specializing in songs and projects for film and television.


Producer/Engineer/Mixer - George



I am co-owner of Half Bap Studios in Belfast. I've been producing, mixing and mastering for ten years, in multiple genres, including folk, Americana, Country and more. I've worked with many artists from Ireland and further afield including Chris Wilson (IN), Kunokini (Indonesia), and Lucy Little (NYC)

Multi-instrumentalist/engineer - Jordan

San Francisco


If you need it done - we can do it.... Vocals/Keys/Bass/Guitar/Drums (digital and analog) All facets of a recording project (except mastering)

Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer - Conor



I'm a recording artist/producer with over 10 years experience working in some of the best studios in London and the UK. I love working with artists and song writers to help find that killer guitar hook or bass line that changes something from good to great.

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