Pop Programmed drums

Mixing, Mastering, - Igor




Mixing, Mastering,

I love music and everything connected with it. I work more than 9 years. I work with few styles of music: rock, pop, blues, folk music. Also I program drums. Ready to help with any ideas and desires!


Music Producer - Quasi


Music Producer

I am a bedroom style music producer using mostly Ableton, Reason and Logic Pro. I mainly make darkwave pop, and house with vocals. I also do a lot of vaporwave, and sampling, as well as soundtracks for art films.


Music Producer - Mona


Music Producer

Hello, I'm a professional musician and producer, with over 20 years experience performing, song writing, recording, editing, drum programming, song producing and mixing. I'd love to help out with your music!

Session Drummer - David


Session Drummer

Hey! I am David, I have been drumming for 16 years now. I have played alongside incredible musicians and artists like Fabian Espinosa, Coalo Zamorano, Rudy Rodriguez, Job Gonzalez, and more. I have done plenty of work in the studio for a wide variety of music genres like pop, funk, dance, Latin, gospel.

Multiplatinum Rhythm Maker - Steven



New York

Multiplatinum Rhythm Maker

I've played drums and programmed on hit records for Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, etc. Modern Drummer Magazine calls me a "Modern-Day Hit-Making Machine". The drums are the foundation of a record. Let me help you make your record sound better.

Record Producer, Beat Maker - Dasin




Record Producer, Beat Maker

Top quality, unique and very recent sounding Pop, Alternative, R&B, and Hip Hop production, and beat making at a price that's hard to match. Value and love put into every piece of work.

Web Session Drummer/Producer - jMusArch.Productions

Los Angeles

Web Session Drummer/Producer

Have full #jMusArch Music Productions/have jMusArch Drum Programming, or Drum Tracks on your music!


Studio Drummer & Programmer - Mark




Studio Drummer & Programmer

FEEL! That's what you'll get from me. That ever-elusive great feeling drum track you need for your song to get to the next level. I cut my teeth in NYC and I've been playing drums for over 30 years. I was one of the winners of Modern Drummer's 1st drum solo contest, judged by Neil Peart. Read on for testimonials from the world's best drummers

Killer Live Drum Recording. - Paul




Killer Live Drum Recording.

I am a London based Drummer and Producer with over 20 years experience playing live / touring and doing sessions. My heart lies in groove. Please excuse the Rascal Flatts cover track but it IS me on drums!!! I play for the song first and foremost!

Radio Ready Pop Producer  - Mark



San Diego

Radio Ready Pop Producer

You want something fresh and exciting? You want "that sound"? You want it to punch, hit and pop? You need that song to come to LIFE? ......THAT'S MY JAM!

Producer/ Mixer/ Musician/ + - Alex



Los Angeles

Producer/ Mixer/ Musician/ +

I've spent the last decade working with some of the biggest names in music. From Cher to The Strumbellas to Matchbox 20 to Carlos Santana. I'm involved in all aspects of turning songs into records. That's what I do! Producing, mixing, songwriting, musician, etc. Get in touch! Let's make something amazing together!

Session Drummer/Percussionist - Dan

New York

Session Drummer/Percussionist

Need a drum track with a quick turnaround? Have your tracks recorded by NYC Broadway and Session drummer Dan Berkery. Worked on 18 Broadway productions. Appeared on Trixie Mattel's "Two Birds/One Stone," The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3, and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Drum and Percussion tracking - Tom


Drum and Percussion tracking

I have a beautiful studio room in north London to track live and electronic drums and percussion for your project

Drummer, Producer & Sound Eng. - Jordan


Drummer, Producer & Sound Eng.

Born and raised in France, I now offer my services as a producer/sound engineer and as a professional drummer on SoundBetter. Having a full-time access to a professional studio, I will make sure to help and guide you in your own musical project.

Music Producer - Jackson


Music Producer

Wanting to create a new wave of sound so artists can exploit their feelings through modern music technology.

Session Drummer - Danylo




Session Drummer

Hello, my name is Danylo Dmyterko and I am a Session Drummer based in Los Angeles. Through my education I am confident to provide authentic results, regardless of your stylistic preference. I can help you shape your production by providing you with high quality drum tracks.


Grammy Nominated Drummer - Dennis



6823 Ansager

Grammy Nominated Drummer

I'm a grammy nominated session drummer & musician, based in Ansager, Denmark, where I record High-quality multitrack drums for songwriters, bands, and producers from all around the world. I also offer live sessions via Skype so it almost feels like we're in the same studio.

Session Drummer - Isaac




Session Drummer

Hello my name is Isaac Velasquez. I've been performing professionally for the past 14 years and I've been fortunate to work with great musicians in different music styles. I will record an unique drum track for your song in my home studio.


Producer, Vocal Tuning Expert - Gustavo

Porto Alegre

Producer, Vocal Tuning Expert

Hello! I'm here to make your music sound great, with natural and organic results.

Beats & Percussion Sessions - Jeroen




Beats & Percussion Sessions

You hire me for custom recorded high level multi style percussion for every thinkable musical situation. - Your file(s) are imported into Logic Pro X. - I record overdubs, sounding 'dry', without effects/plugins. - I do basic editing and bouncing. - You get back back high resolution files through ‘wetransfer’ or whatever suits you.


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