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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Los Angeles Digital Recorders

Send your session and get an industry standard mix and/or master. Fast returns and very affordable. We have over 20 years experience mixing, mastering and sound design. We have multiple tools and effects to bring your project to how you want it to sound.

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Mixing/Mastering/Production - Andy Plasencia


Professional results and high quality sound at an affordable cost.

Mixing & Mastering/Prod. beats - DNVX

I am a music producer signed by various record labels that besides producing does his own mixing and mastering and professionally makes the track sound very high quality.

Dance, Country House (YEEDM) - DLAY

DLAY is a music producer with over 40M streams and high-profile collaborations with artists such as VAVO, Mitchell Tenpenny, Sevenn and more. Working with labels like Sony and Universal Music, DLAY showcases his versatility in producing music that blends emotive melodies with deep, driving beats. His unique style resonates with audiences worldwide.

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Joe Clark

Qualified in the field and trained under some high level names in the sound industry, hire me to mix and master your music today.

Mixing / Mastering [Pop, Rap] - Dj jug E

Quality mixes that are true to your vision

Mixing Engineer & Artist - Josiah Quinn

I’m an engineer, who’s studied Audio Production at MTSU, and is excited to work with as many artists as possible and continue improving!

Composition, Mixing, Singing - Pei

7 Years of experience as a freelancing music producer, mixing engineer, and singer.

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