Mastering Engineer - Boman



Los Angeles

Mastering Engineer

Scott Bowman provides top-level mastering services to get your music where it deserves to be. With 15+ years of experience being an artist, multi-musician, producer, mixing and mastering engineer and DJ, Scott knows what it takes to achieve mixes with maximum punch, loudness, clarity, depth and width. Unlimited revisions and a fast turnaround.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Westminster


Production, Mixing, Mastering

We’re a recording and mixing studio where analog and digital meet. The best of both worlds, the best plugins and outboard such as, API, Neve, Shadow Hills, Thermionic Culture, Audient,...

Drums/ Percussion/ Producer - Jeff




Drums/ Percussion/ Producer

I am professional and experienced musician who expresses music thru my fun and loving perception of life. I play a wide variety of styles like Haitian Drumming, Funk, World, Afrobeat, Easy listening, EDM, Lo fi, Cinematic and more. My skills will help your music sound more unique, groovier and happier. I will deliver what you envision :)

Singer / Songwriter / Vocalist - Ameria



Los Angeles

Singer / Songwriter / Vocalist

I am a professional singer / songwriter and vocal producer. Between my two profiles (Ameria / Pillows) I have over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and 80 million streams across platforms. I have written 2 No. 1 songs, charted internationally multiple times and made it to the Top 40 on every online music platform.

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Irmak


Audio Engineer, Music Producer

Audio perfectionist, music enthusiast, creative mind..these are the best 3 things that describes Irmak Akan. More than 15 years experience in music production and audio environments. Certified audio engineer. Specialist in electronic music production, remixing, mixing, editing and sound design. Good experience in many analog and digital gears.

EDM Producers & Engineers - Nielsen




EDM Producers & Engineers

With a team of award winning audio engineers, creative sound designers and top notch producers, Nielsen Sound is ready to take your project to the next level. Always aiming the best results in the industry, our professionnal team will lead your project to a success story.

Music Producer - Frederic


Music Producer

Hey! My name's Frederic. I'm a 13-year-old producer from Chicago, Illinois, and I've been producing for 3 years.

POP Productions (SONY, Warner) - À


POP Productions (SONY, Warner)

We create your artist life and we don't rest until we make it extraordinary. We worked (on productions) with labels such as Universal, Warner, SONY, Interscope, Armada, MonsterCat, etc... Our team of producers is ready to take you to a new level.

Music Producer  - Salasnich


Music Producer

#DancyHappiness Maker Love creating happy warm vibes. I am the guys looks for happy vibes and good energy in music, always. Especially in the Future House world

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