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Music Production, Mix & Master - Rich


Music Production, Mix & Master

I have been producing and engineering for about 15 years. I started my company 3 years ago, providing professional quality music for a low price from my home studio!


Audio Engineer / Music Tech - Qris

Los Angeles

Audio Engineer / Music Tech

Hello, I've been expecting you...

 Producer | Mixer | Guitarist - Lightning




Producer | Mixer | Guitarist

Hi, I'm Lightning and welcome to my studio "LTG Sound Studio". I’m a guitar player, music composer, mixer. I’ve been produced in Japan and working as a music composer/mixer for japanese major recording label such as Nippon Crown. I had the opportunity to perform all over the world and learn from renown sound engineer.

null - Silverbirch


High end Mastering and Mix Facility. All Tube and Class A outboard gear and Pro Tools 10. Reasonable rates, professional major label quality. Experienced engineers.

Mixing and Mastering fella - Chris


Mixing and Mastering fella

I mix everything from black metal to acoustic. I seem to do well in Pop Rock/Jazzy Pop tho...


Recording Engineer & Mixer - Josh




Recording Engineer & Mixer

London Based Recording & Mix Engineer. Credits include Mark Ronson, Lana Del Rey, Lower Than Atlantis, Seal and many more.

ghost writer, adlibs, feature  - Matthew


ghost writer, adlibs, feature

I write songs, good songs. My writings purpose it to basically make people feel things, to create a vibe that is sacred and untouchable. I like to think i’m easy to work with, and I bring something unique.


Recording Artist / Songwriter  - Jemma




Recording Artist / Songwriter

Recorded demos for Rihanna, Britney spears, Demi Lovato and Credited on a Drake single. Also have written for many up and coming artists. Multiple genres, Classical and Jazz training. I love experimental pop. Looking for a singer to create your song? I'm all about building real relationships and producing top quality! Follow on IG: @jemmaofficial

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