Remote Session Drummer - Keir


Remote Session Drummer

Having toured the world and played on recordings for incredible artists such as South African artist Nakhane & UK artist ROCH, Keir offers his unique drumming and electronic production skills to your music. His approach combines electronic sampling and live drum sounds to create beats that move and groove.

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Songwriter & Vocalist - Thea


Songwriter & Vocalist

Hey I’m Thea Leora, I’m a singer/songwriter from Norway. I’ve been in the music industry for 10+ years and have worked on a wide variety of projects as an artist, background vocalist, demo vocalist, songwriter, vocal producer, dubber, and a voiceover-artist. I specialize in Pop, R&B and EDM music. R&B is closest to my heart! <3 Hit me up!

Drummer Producer Mixer - Chris

San Francisco

Drummer Producer Mixer

Located at the famous Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, Wally's Hyde Out is one of the best drum rooms ever built. Designed by Bill Putnam in 1968, this room has spawned legendary records for 50 years. (ex.Herbie Hancock, Santana, Grateful Dead, Green Day, Dead Kennedys) You can have perfect drum tones on your album. It's all about the room.


producer, remixer, DJ - Adam


producer, remixer, DJ

Hello! My name is Adam, I started producing electronic music more than 25 years ago. I have an extensive knowledge of synths and studio gear to make emotionally rich, cutting edge electronic sound.


Guitarrist/Arranger/Composer. - Gustavo

Buenos Aires


Hi there, I am the owner of a 2 millons views on my Guitar youtube channel, but I am also a professional Viola/Violin player in a Symphony Orchestra in my country. My specialities are Classical, Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Spanish, Bolero, Ballads. Ive´got professional gear/room for top quality recording. Neumann Mics/Audient Class-A preamps.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mattis


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Legendary sound, fast communication and quick delivery

Singer, Songwriter  - Arina

Tel Aviv

Singer, Songwriter

"The Voice of Israel" contestant, professional singer/songwriter with more than 10 years of experience in music industry and a degree in classical music. My songs were played on European, Russian and Israeli radio stations, TV and featured in films soundtracks. I specialize in pop, pop-rock, indie-pop, indie-rock, folk and dance music.

Session Guitarist / Producer - Joe


Session Guitarist / Producer

Hi, I'm Joe. I am a session guitarist and I want to help you make an amazing record. I have delivered high-quality online guitar and bass tracks and remote production to satisfied clients all across the UK. I am excited to hear your music. Let's make something together!

Bass & Bass Synthesizer  - KERN


Bass & Bass Synthesizer

+ 25 years of experience touring and recording with TOP artist, like JJ Lin, Beyonce, Lady Gaga , Mary J, Blige, Will Smith , LL Cool J and more visit my website for more information. Click the Contact button above to talk to me about playing on your song, Looking forward to working on your project,

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