Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist - Mariami



Los Angeles

Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist

I have a decade of experience in recording & songwriting, I write for my own catalog and for Top 40 Artists! My collaborations and partnerships include, SUPRMODE, Loopasters, Columbia & Interscope. I've also teamed up with Apple as an Artist in their #TodayAtApple series as well as being a featured artist in the annual Apple Keynote.

Mix Engineer, Music Producer - Bryce

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer, Music Producer

Beautiful production of any style/genre, uniquely crafted for each client.

Rec/Mix/Mastering Engineer - Alexander




Rec/Mix/Mastering Engineer

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer based in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona! After working as a head engineer at Serenity West & Sound Factory Studios in Los Angles, i've taken the talents I've learned working along side some of the the biggest names in the music industry and opened up the studio doors the rest of the world.

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Songwriter, Music Producer - Poetic




Songwriter, Music Producer

9+ years experience in the field of songwriting and producing with tons of knowledge to share and help others with.

Record Piano Tracks - Josh


Record Piano Tracks

Award winning session pianist and private songwriter


Composer, Sound Artist - Guth


Composer, Sound Artist

Modern Sound Art for Media.


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Lucas

State of São Paulo

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and mastering engineer who loves what he does!


Session bass guitarist - Tolbert




Session bass guitarist

My motto is "what would Pino or Tony do?" Then I do my best imitation or take your suggestion and run with it. I would love to take a stab (with love) at your song and apply some low end for you. I can read charts if that's the way you work or give me a lyric sheet and we can talk it out. Let's get busy!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Sam




Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Check my previous works :- Insta Handle sam_wills_wired_masters Spotify Playlist Trusted by the likes of FFRR, Circa 99, Island & Defected, Sam Wills started his career at Wired Masters in early 2012. Sam has built up a reputation for quality masters and quick turn-around times.

Music Producer & Songwriter - Isadora

Los Angeles

Music Producer & Songwriter

I can make a custom beat for you, do an in depth tuning and tempo edit on your existing vocals, record a topline to your instrumental and even help you finish writing your song. :)

Piano/Keyboards/Synth/Producer - Eli

New Zealand


I've worked across the globe playing piano, keys and B3 with performers from Broadway and West End, jazz cats from New York and LA and gospel and RnB players from Nashville and Down South. From reading, playing by ear and improvising since I was a child I have a lifetime of absorbed musical influences to share with YOUR music - so let's go!

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