Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Michel Pellerin

Photo of Quantum Music / Mario Lafleur

Quantum Music / Mario Lafleur

Advanced Mixing & Mastering
Longueuil, QC, Canada
30 Reviews
  • Mastering Engineers - $80/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
  • Restoration
  • 3 More...
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We like to work on highly artistic and complex projects that requires high level of skills, judgement, and feel. Highly artistic projects, concept albums as well as Audiophile-type of albums are very welcome. We love working with unique and audacious independent artists as well as pop artist that are about to breakthrough.

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Photo of Lortnok Productions

Lortnok Productions

London, UK
  • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
  • Producers
  • 4 More...

Take your mixes to the next level.

Photo of Paul B

Paul B

Mixing & editing from anywhere
Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Dialogue Editing - $50/Minute
  • Time alignment - Quantizing - $20/Track
  • Editing - $40/Track
  • 2 More...

I'm a music producer and engineer with a degree in Audio Engineering Technology.

Photo of Myrddin Triguel

Myrddin Triguel

Vocals, Guitar, Mix & Master
Tucquegnieux, France
  • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $80/Song
  • Producers - $500/Song
  • 4 More...

I’m a composer, arranger, singer, instrumentalist and music producer. I mix and master music and create web pages. I have several own music projects – Fyra, Objet de Plaisir and Anthony McBazooka.

Photo of Anthony Lopes Engineer

Anthony Lopes Engineer

Audio Engineer
Chino, CA, USA
  • Recording Studios
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Editing
  • 4 More...

Here to take your sound to that professional level.

Photo of Ronald Johnston

Ronald Johnston

Audio Mastering Engineering
New York, NY, USA
  • Mastering Engineers

Music is Engineering, and Engineering is Music.

Photo of Isaac "Engineike" Carter

Isaac "Engineike" Carter

Mixing engineer, Sound Effects
Atlanta, GA, USA
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    LETS MAKE A MOVIE! Isaac a professional mix engineer and sound designer. My specialty is in song mixing, sound effects, and sound design for film and tv shows! India Arie Yung joc Cyhi the prince TV ONE TURNER BROADCASTING Weather Channel

    Photo of Gnell Armand

    Gnell Armand

    remote mixing & mastering
    Moscow, Russia
    • Mixing Engineers - $400/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
    • Vocal comping - $40/Track
    • 4 More...
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    Hi! Let me me to introduce myself. I am a musician, composer/arranger, mixing and mastering engineer (with higher musical education). I will be glad to cooperate with interesting and talented people.

    Photo of Legends of Linford

    Legends of Linford

    Music producer and engineer
    Birmingham, UK
    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
    • Producers - $50/Song
    • 4 More...

    Berklee trained and UK-bred audiophile hunting for legends.