Producer, mixing, mastering - DiMa

88900 Crotone

Producer, mixing, mastering

I believe music is personal and there is no one size fits all approach. As a Producer, I specialize in Rap, Trap, Reggae, R&B Soul, Pop Music. As a Mixer and Mastering Engineer, I work in a wide variety of genres. The right mix will take any song from amateur to professional, and I have years of experience doing just that.

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Guitars and Utilities - Jonny


Guitars and Utilities

I'm a Nashville-based guitarist and composer that has played for artists such as Gabby Barrett, Madison Kozak, and Anna Vaus.

Good for your ears. - Jack


Good for your ears.

I have been singing and recording for over 10 years now and have many placements world-wide for doing so. My voice sticks out from the crowd in the aspects of tone, range, control, and adaptability. Gimme a holler!

Mix/Master Engineer & Producer - Raymond

Los Angeles

Mix/Master Engineer & Producer

With 20 years of sharpened professional experience composing, mixing, and mastering cutting-edge tracks for the likes of BMW, Sony, Warner Bros & Movie Trailers such as RAMBO and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS to name a few -- I bring a new Creative outlook as producer enhanced with sharpened engineering skills which bring your songs life and to standout.


Los Angeles


Here to make your musical dreams a reality


Producer/Songwriter/Engineer - SoundEvolver

Nova Gorica


My name is Uros Borsic and I'm a producer, songwriter, musician, mixing/mastering engineer, guitar player and owner of the SoundEvolver Studio. I´ve been involved in music industry for 15 years, played in a touring band for 11. I´m producing melodic alternative metal/rock bands but am also skilled in other genres like electronic, pop, EDM, pop-rock

Singer, Songwriter - Dyna


Singer, Songwriter

Peace and Love, I've been writing music for over 10years. I'm very confident in my skill and people tend to gravitate to me because of my neo-soul/r&b niche sound. I've recently been featured on music publishing site Artlist's commercial featuring my EP "Branches" being one of the top selling in the first 2months of releasing it.

Session Touring Recording Bass - Funk


Session Touring Recording Bass

I'm gonna record a unique bassline for your song. More than 15 years of expierence gigging, touring and recording.


Composer, producer, singer,  - Lita

3650 Dilsen

Composer, producer, singer,

Nominated by the Akademia LA for artist of the year.


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