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Production, Mixing, Vocals - Maxi Morales

Hi! I am a producer and sound engineer with over ten years of experience in writing, recording, and producing music. I received a degree in Music Production and Recording from Centro de Arte y Tecnología (Buenos Aires) and have worked with clients from South America, China, the United States, and Canada, in a wide variety of styles and techniques.

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 - Evgeny Krolik

FOH, Monitoring, Live Recording, Mixing

Mixing and Mastering - NEXT HIT Production Studios

At NEXT HIT Production Studios, pride is taken in the sound results of your musical projects. We're dedicated in providing artists with "radio ready" Mix and Master sound quality through implementing use of skilled techniques within top quality plug ins that will provide you with an industry standard sound that will put your music above the rest.

Singer, Recording studio, prod - InK


I can approach any musical genre with my voice. Versatile Singer in english or spanish. I have a professional gear to record vocals , vocal arrangements, backing vocals , vocal comping, sing your song or imitate another vocalist and send you a full edited final track to be included on your mix.

 - Federico Mario Franchi

Professional producer and DJ, owner of many recording studios. Owner Of Acid Sun. More than 20.000.000 copies sold in the last 25 years on many CDs, Singles and Albums. Collaborations and production with Pitbull, David Guetta, Rivera, Brooklyn Bounce, Lil Jon, Chris Willis, Ozzy Osbourne and many others. www.federicozenithfranchi.com

Songwriter + Music Producer - Michael Seay

I am a singer/songwriter and producer splitting time between NYC and Nashville. I love helping vocalists sound and feel their best while writing and recording, and work intently to find melodies and lyrics that are natural to the artist while keeping them competitive and achieving broad appeal.

Recording, mixing, editing,  - Jarno Kinnunen

I started making hiphop music, no producers could be found there and the mixer no one knew how to work with hip hop.

Song writing and production - Prince Moe

Song writing, rapping/hip hop music, reference tracks, instrumental music, voice overs, short stories, short film scripts, jingles, video game music, etc.

Producing, Mixing, Sax, Piano - ST.HUES

Versatile musician who holds a Masters from Berklee College of Music in Music Production, Technology and Innovation. Worked with clients across the globe on a myriad of varying styles. Takes a personalized approach with every project; with an emphasis on emotional effectiveness. Open to all ideas, viewpoints and lets everyone's strengths shine!

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