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Producer Songwriter & Vocalist - Bex


I'm a female producer, songwriter & vocalist based in LA. I work with artists and songwriters mostly and love collaboration. I produce, write and sing anything in the pop/edm/indie realm. I do anything from pitching vocals, vocal production, toplining, instrumentals, demo songs to full productions.

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 - WMS - the Warsaw Mixdown Suite

Production and Mixing studio in the heart of Warsaw-Poland

Music Producer, Sound Design - Spherechucker Studios

Hi, My name is Greg and I am the head engineer/founder of Spherechucker Studios. I have over a decade of experience in all stages of music production. I specialize in sound design and audio mixing, however I do also do a lot of audio editing and restoration. I'm here to make your project sound great!

Recording Studio - Bigleap Music & Post

Bigleap Music & Post is a professional service Recording Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Audio Engineer and Composer - John Micensky

As an experienced engineer, I can promise quality, consistency, and efficiency.

Live&Mix Enginner, Bass player - Luca Zugnoni

Biglietto Per l'Inferno, recording mixing editing albums and live sound

Music Producer and Mixer - Felix Lindberg

I'm a mixer, producer, drummer and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. I do mixing and recording for all types of music. When I'm off I write and record for my solo project Rano Pano.

 - Forrest

Passionate for quality of sound

Hip Hop Producer  - Arnan Crooms

My name is Knon (K-Non) producer of Oneway Music, I’ve been wanna be a producer since I was 14 year old and today I am creating a business to be producer, Oneway music is a business which we can make artists and producer come together and be a family and no one wanna be left behind. As of today we can create music to be more greater.

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