Choral Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Bass Producer Sound Designer - Marcelo


Bass Producer Sound Designer

II am Marcelo Acosta, musician, bassist, guitarist, producer, composer, sound designer.


Recording / Mix Engineer - Andrew


Recording / Mix Engineer

40 Years as a Sound Engineer / Mixer / Producer Former owner Windmill Lane Studios Dublin I have worked with every style of music with vast experience as both a recorder and mixer. If your interested in me mixing you music please send me an email and we can discuss your project


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Rapper, Songwriter, Lyricist - Zephaniah

Los Angeles

Rapper, Songwriter, Lyricist

If you need a Song, Verse, Hook, or Reference of a style/sound? Need a Rap feature or you want to perform the vocals but you're having trouble writing it I'M YOUR GUY. I can write Witty (Jay-Z), Punchline (Lil Wayne), Stylistic Catchy (Gunna), Street (Griselda), Any Gender. No problem.

Music Producer, Remote MixMast - GBJ


Music Producer, Remote MixMast

I Love producing music!


Electronica Sampler & Remixer - Zabier

Sydney NSW

Electronica Sampler & Remixer

My main approach is to reverse engineer audio into entirely new samples by looping, splitting, reversing, pitching, warping, stretching and applying a variety of effects. This results in glitchy, experimental sounds. I bring a firm grasp of a vast range of sub-genres together to form a unique take on music often resulting in an underlying dark feel

Spotify Canvas & Cover Art - 102dB


Spotify Canvas & Cover Art

Afforable, stunning artworks and Spotify Canvas


Mix Engineer - Brother


Mix Engineer

Mix engineer whose mixes have over 9 million streams on Spotify.

Music Producer - Unnes96odt


Music Producer

Passionate Music Producer Worked With a lot of Indie Artists and Tv placements Looking to help more artists


Bespoke Audio Mastering - Brian


Bespoke Audio Mastering

My goal is to provide a bespoke experience with exceptional service. A custom selection of hand made gear and a carefully curated signal path allow me unprecedented control over bringing out the best in your music. Nothing ostentatious here, only judicious care with proven results for your music.

Producer, Songwriter, etc. - Lea

New York

Producer, Songwriter, etc.

My specialty is bringing out the unique shine in every artist/project I work with. I graduated from NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, and I studied every facet of the music industry and music creation process inside and out. When I am working on your project, I will always have your artistic vision in mind.


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