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These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Music Composer - Seymour

5145 Harvey Tew Rd

Music Composer

I compose rythmic electronic synth-based chill out - style music for the heart and sould,


world touring vibey keys  - Adam

New York

world touring vibey keys

Vibey keys with a jazzy flair and strong compositional angles; specializes in chordal harmony to give tunes extra punch beneath the topline.

Synths pads keys and sounds! - cguerson

Buenos Aires

Synths pads keys and sounds!

In process


Sing-Songwriter, Producer - Erik


Sing-Songwriter, Producer

I produce with Logic Pro X. Percussive acoustic guitar, and wavy pop vocals bring my performance massive volume. Most recently, I wrote a song for the Youtuber MrBeast.


Music Prod,Mixing & Mastering - Stradivarius


Music Prod,Mixing & Mastering

Singer, Producer and Keyboard Player. Big Supporter Of SSC NAPOLI!

Session Pianist, Composer - Naim


Session Pianist, Composer

This is Naim Benelmadjat, i'm a professional session Pianist, and a Piano Teacher and Music Composer, i have a 10+years of experience in the field of music, i played with a lot of bands with different musical approaches and styles such as jazz, pop, blues and rock music.


Session Musician, Producer - rcbell8


Session Musician, Producer

Composition and Arranging degree from Berklee Boston Ma. in 1970.. toured for 4 years..... Left the road for a more stable life but continued to play..... Can help compose, arranging instrumentation, and produce a good demo product if interested.....


Music Producer - Rohit


Music Producer

If you're in search of a unique sound that blends elements of ethnic world music with modern production, bringing together the best of electronic and acoustic sounds, get in touch. My music is a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, lush, ambient textures, inspiring melodies infused with new-age grooves.


Piano player & Music Producer - Creendo


Piano player & Music Producer

Hi and welcome to the sound of Creendo - a sonic mix of instrumental piano music and electronics.​ I am a Swiss piano player, composer and music enthusiast, here to present you my thoughts, my ways, my dreams, my love, my lust, my faith, my faults, my tricks, my cheats, my heroes and my secrets.


Music Producer & DJ - Alex

United Kingdom

Music Producer & DJ

I am a music producer based in the UK. Feel free to contact me regarding any enquiries.


Session guitarist - John


Session guitarist

nothing yet


Electric Bass + Ambience  - Lives

Salt Lake City

Electric Bass + Ambience

I'm here to fill in that low end and add deep space to your track.

Music production  - Hadi

United Arab Emirates

Music production



Session Keyboard/Composer - Judson


Session Keyboard/Composer

Hello there! Do you need keys for your project? Looking for music for your Film/TV or media project? You've come to the write place. I've composed music for NPR, Land Rover, Android, and many other projects.

Music Producer/Songwriter  - Simon


Music Producer/Songwriter

Music producer/songwriter. I have vast experience producing jingles, original songs and lyric writing.


Beatmaker, Music Producer - Zach


Beatmaker, Music Producer

Lofi/chill beatmaker, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Billboard chart placement, experience with 20+ US and international tours, and a Berklee College of Music degree.

Session Guitarist, Producer  - Matt

New York

Session Guitarist, Producer

NYC based Guitarist/Producer for over a decade. I work in my studio where I track and produce with my 20+ guitars, world instruments as well as pianos, synths, soundscapes and orchestral elements for clients ranging from pop artists and singer-songwriters to ads, film and tv. I record through a world-class collection of microphones and gear.

Music Producer, Beat-maker,  - iamdo$e

North Carolina

Music Producer, Beat-maker,

More than a beat maker - I have produced music for artist across the US as well as International. Scoring albums as well as a soundtrack for an up & coming Netflix cartoon “1000”; currently on I am interested in creating magic with magical artist…!

Songwriter/Session Musician - John

New York

Songwriter/Session Musician

I'm a songwriter and musician living in Brooklyn who has been part of the independent music scene and played in multiple bands from Seattle to New York for the past 15 years playing opening for acts like Craft Spells and The Thermals. Being a multi-instrumentalist for multiple projects and a session player I can adapt to many different styles.

Bassist, Producer and Mixer - Antoine

Los Angeles

Bassist, Producer and Mixer

15 years of professional music experience, a full live band, a production team, and a writing team is merely a slice of what I bring to the table. Having perfect pitch, I can deliver the perfect bass lines, top lines and beats on the fly within minutes, which means crazy fast turnover rates, and superb customer service. Let's build!

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