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Photo of Jordan Biel

I’ve been producing since 2010 and made a living at it full time last few years. I play guitar, piano, bass and drums and have a team of session players who are outstanding, two of which have masters degrees (the cellist and violinist) If I had to pick my strongest element is Guitar - any genre. But yeah we can do mixing, mastering, and/or track.

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Photo of Seth McLain

I am a recording and mixing engineer with 12 years experience.

Photo of Roger Montejano

Did you know 24% of the songs will be skipped during the first five seconds of playback? And that figure goes up to 35% in the first 30 seconds. Why? Because today, we (you, me, everyone) have a lot of choices, and thus decide quickly if a song delivers the emotions we are looking for.

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I am a musician and producer with 25 years experience. I've studied under Alan Parsons and can give you the sound you're looking for.

Photo of Panda

Experienced Pop/KPOP/Future Bass style singer-songwriter performing in a pop group for the past two and a half years. Scouted for multiple television shows.

Photo of olmo sosa yulis

rock guitars are my best punchlineI but I can also play different styles.I make very good guitar solos I'm creative and original!

Photo of Daniel Acevedo

We make the difference hearing and respecting our artists ideas for then boosting them to the next level. We specialize in top music production services, recording audio, Musicians Sessions (Guitar, Back up singers, Bass, Piano, Drums, Strings and Brass Arragments) mixing and mastering...

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Over 3M streams. Ready to work with you.

Photo of Christiaan Myers

I've been obsessively writing, recording, mixing and mastering many different styles of music since the age of 15, creating 7 albums, 7 EPs and a podcast almost enitrely by myself, plus mixing and mastering 3 albums for friends. Now I feel confident enough in my ability to share these skills with other people.

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