Producer|Multi-Instrumentalist - Josh



I'm a producer and multi-instrumentalist in Nashville, TN. 10 years production experience, specializing in Pop and Alternative music. Featured music on MTV, CMT, and more.

Bass Player - Grant


Bass Player

Bass player for Delta Rae and several Nashville based singer-songwriters. I love playing music with new people. My playing instinct is to serve and support the song as best I can. I like a deep pocket and to sprinkle in some flavor when it is appropriate. I play Electric, Upright, Acoustic, and moog bass.

Producing|Editing|Drums|Keys - Dave



My #1 priority is to help you achieve your vision! I've been fortunate to have logged over 1,000 shows, 10 countries, and 20+ artists in my career. I treat each project as if it were my own, whether that be facilitating the entire production or tracking drums/keys on one song.

Mastering, Mixing - Alex


Mastering, Mixing

I'm a mastering engineer at thehitlab in Nashville, TN--I have plenty of major label and indie credits to my name and I strive to provide high quality, affordable mastering. In addition, I still love mixing records and mix at least a few projects every month.

Multi-instrumentalist/Producer - James



I am an instrumentalist, producer, and remote tracking engineer specializing in bass and keys work. I am available to add parts to an existing project or help build your demo or song from scratch.

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