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Photo of Studio B Recording

Studio B Recording

Rec, Edit, Mix & Master
Milan, Italy
1 Review
  • Recording Studios - $350/Day
  • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
  • Editing - $75/Track
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Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy, dedicated to recording and music production at 360°. Owned and operated by sound engineer Stefano C. Bedini, it offers good acoustic working environment, quality analog gear mics & converters, and everything you need to record, edit, mix, post produce and master your tracks.

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Photo of Canberk Ulaş

Canberk Ulaş

Duduk Player
İstanbul, Turkey
  • Flutes - $100/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $100/Song

Duduk (balaban) player and composer. I studied in İstanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory. I have experiences in studio (soundtrack recordings, albums) and concerts. Also I have my own compositions which I perform them with my band called "Canberk Ulaş Quartet". For further information www.canberkulas.com

Photo of Shara


Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Producers - $200/Song
  • Songwriter - Music - $150/Song
  • Pop-Rock Arranger - $150/Song
  • 4 More...
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Shara is a musician, producer, composer, songwriter, arranger, band coach, singer and plays guitar, bass, piano and drums. He is working in music industry for 25 years. He was a producer and guitar player within several rock bands. He recorded seven studio albums.

Photo of David


Toulouse, France
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Recording Studios
  • Producers
  • 4 More...


Photo of The Jam Room Music Complex

The Jam Room Music Complex

Howell, NJ, USA
  • Recording Studios - $400/Day
  • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $70/Song
  • 2 More...

Recording/Mix Engineer,Producer,Mastering. Guitarist, 35+ years in the industry I have worked with many different Genres of Music. I am also a very experienced guitarist & can play many styles of music as well.I have toured with many national for the past 30 years. I own a great Rec/Reh facility www.thejamroomonline.com Check it out for more info

Photo of Strawberry Street Studio

Strawberry Street Studio

Production & Recording Studio
Athens, Greece
  • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
  • Recording Studios - $100/Day
  • Beat Makers - $100/Song
  • 1 More...

In a friendly and cozy environment, we record, produce and mix music of any genre and direction. From a songwriters demo to a full arrangement record production, we can give an affordable and professional touch to every project.

Photo of ALISON


Music Conjuror
London, UK
1 Review
  • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $170/Song
  • Keyboards - Synths - $125/Song
  • Piano - $125/Song
  • 2 More...
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Singer. Songwriter. Session Vocalist. Session Musician. Top liner. Lyricist. Arranger. Producer.

Photo of Russell Branco

Russell Branco

Freelance Audio Engineer
Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Mixing Engineers - $250/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song

Hi, my name is Russell Branco, and I'm a music producer and freelance audio engineer based in Canada. I mainly endeavour in independent and underground music, with a focus on Japanese "doujin" culture, but I'm happy to work with anyone!

Photo of Big Beast

Big Beast

Mixing,Master,Produce Beats
Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica
  • Beat Makers - $250/Song
  • Mixing Engineers - $350/Song
  • Recording Studios - $75/Day
  • 2 More...
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In the world where there is an oversaturation of mix engineers know the real secrets behind audio is key;to break down the philosophical reasons for a mixing approach enhances your ability to connect with client in an unprecedented way....i have that ability and more,give me a chance to display my creativity on your mixes...I am Beast.