Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer - Kelan



Los Angeles

Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer

Signed Artist under TCM record label. I released my original album last year; Now I write , record and produce music for Indie Artists as well as for myself ; I'm a creative topline writer ; I'm also a professional lyricist and I've co-written with many amazing musicians, as well as composing music for numerous talented poets/lyricists.

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Sonic Architect   - Sajidah


Sonic Architect

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." -Margaret Thatcher


Mastering - The



East Nashville


As a mastering service, our role is to bring a project from the mix environment to distribution using open communication, transparent exceptions, focused critical listening, and the right tools to make the music sound its absolute best.

Mixing and Mastering - Joe

New Jersey

Mixing and Mastering

Hello! I have been a recording/mixing/mastering engineer for over 7 years now, and would love to work with some of the awesome people on this website. I am mainly in the box, and I guarantee a top quality sound.


R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter - BLXSS




R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter

'Trap Influenced' R&B/Soul artist based on Jakarta, Indonesia.


Session Bassist and Guitarist - Ryan

Sydney NSW

Session Bassist and Guitarist

Experienced Bass Player, Guitarist and recording engineer with over 15+ years experience. Working across multiple genres, I prefer to work within Post-Hardcore, Metal, Heavy Rock & Indie genres.

XGenre Harpist - Brenda


XGenre Harpist

Acoustic & electric harpist - Specialised in blues, house & techno, plus jazz and free improv - Classically trained & graduated. Throw me a challenge!


Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Stefano




Producer, Mixing and Mastering

Stefano Moretti is a Berlin based producer and mixing/mastering engineer who has been a professional for over 15 years. He is the owner and founder of Beats Studio Berlin, an analogue electronic music studio, which also partners with other studios if extra production requirements are needed.

null - Gabriele


My name is Gabriele Sanfilippo and I'm a sound designer, music composer and audio post producer. I'm 22 years old guy who come from Italy. Humility and utmost professionalism are the foundation of my approach to work. Recognized for solving problems quickly and excelling in many different facets of the music production industry.


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