Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with ihawal

Singer, Songwriter, Composer - Dash Media Concepts

Lets create something that is different from anybody else!


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Create, Record, Mix, Impress! - Beat Commission Audio

I am Josh, the sole everything of Beat Commission Audio. I came here just for you, I knew you needed my help with this project, so here I am. You can choose me and we can start getting this thing done or you can choose someone else and wonder what went wrong. The ball's in your court now...

Music Producer - Melsen

Building bridges between pop and dance music!

Mix Engineer, Producer. - Ben Watts

Ben Watts, musician, record producer, and audio engineer has worked with the freshest new talent in music such as Rob Baird, Allie Colleen, Taylor Ray Holbrook, Shane Dawson John Berry, Kelby Costner, Lee Brice, Paul Gilbert, Luke Combs, Menna, Tim Cote, Joe & Martina, Rudy Parris, Bobby Barth, Mark Pinske, Darin Warner, Dustin Huff, and many more.

Bass guitar/Bass synth Tracks! - Nitzan Eisenberg

Bass/Synth Bass tracks is my thing! Playing on Sessions/Live for the last 10 years as pro. Been recording and touring with A-WA for the last 5 years. Played Bass/Moog on their last album "Bayti Fi Rasi"(my home is in my head) Played Bass on "Did you really say no" by Oren Lavie & Vanessa Paradis and lots more

Live Drums, Percussion, Loops - Carl-Michael Grabinger


Hey there, I am a session drummer from Lübeck, Germany. I've been playing drums & percussion for over 30 years and built my own studio couple years ago where I record vintage and modern drums through high-class preamps and mics for a living. You'll get unique sounds with a human feel or quantised takes which are perfect to add some loops on top.

Experienced Session Bassist - Scott Macleod

Very experienced session bassist.All styles with over 1000 recordings to my credit. Nashville based. All styles,Pop,Rock,Jazz,Funk,Worship,Country,Reggae etc. I play upright, electric 4 & 5 string, fretless and fit my bass to your song. Main bassist for world renowned producer songwritter Michael Behm.

Music Producer (all genres) - Sheila Aevina

I’m quite new, but I have like 3 years of music experience, because I have always worked at the background of DJ AirshiP

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