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Remote mixing, music producer - Carlos Ruiz

I have been a composer and recording engineer and mix for 20 years, I have recorded and mixed music of all genres, mainly for radio, tv, film and original music, for 10 years I own my own recording studio, I studied sound engineering in a local school and sound systems design and SIM operator at Meyer Sound School in México city.

Audio Engineer, Sound Designer - Osher @ SOL Studios

Industry standard quality Audio Engineering for an affordable price.

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Music Production & Engineering - Svintmvrc

I am a musicians musician well versed in all genres (excluding country) Bassist, Guitarist, Engineer

Play, teach and record sax - Sean McBride

I live in Bristol. I do music if/when people pay me. I do music if/when people don't pay me. Check this link, and the links from there, to see what I do: http://seanmcbride.wix.com/saxophone - thanks :-),try this, jammers: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=446461332123488&l=5208549362623053834

Music Production - Henry Cron

Henry Cron puts forth an alternative approach to music production. In my 2 years of music production,I have produced 13 of my own EPs and Albums, with the production of these I tried to figure out what my sound was, I experimented with different genres until deciding that making music spontaneously, without a specific genre in mind, is what I do

Vocalist, Session Vocalist - BELLE

Lead vocalist releasing music currently as BELLE - latest single available here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7KqWffWvgNBwRrHgO5Yd5V?si=VdSyLNaXSciRUHphW1ndhw

Make sound shine like Gold. - AKAGoldenBoy

I'm a Brazilian Artist, Music Producer, Audio Engineer specialized in Mixing. I work with a wide range of genres, but I specialize in Rap/R&B and its subgenres. The catchphrase that defines my work style is: "Make sound shine like Gold!"

Rock-Eletronic Producer & Mix - Steaker

Hello, I'm Steaker, a Brazilian Producer, Mixing Enginner and Indie Artist. I Started producing, mixing and mastering music in 2015. Since them i wrote and produced 4 albums all by myself. Those tracks vary from Rock, Metal, Synthpop to Trip-Hop, IDM and Ambient. If you contact me you can also know where's the name from.

Music Producer - Kate Berry

I love to work on different types of music tones.

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