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Music Producer, Arranger,  - Him Production

Hi. My name is Konstantine Zhunin. I'm from Ukraine. I've been doing music for more than 20 years. Composer has more than 15 years. Spoken tools such as piano, guitar, drums, bass, guitar, domra. My works can listen here - https://soundcloud.com/himproduction

Remote mixing in ProTools - Yaroslav Ulyanov

I am beginner in this industry and well, just want to get some experience and raise up some additional money while studying in university, so i would work just for a symbolic price) Completed "mixing&mastering with protools" course online in Berklee College of Music

Essay writing company  - UK Top Writers

UK Top Writers is an essay writing company.

ai solutions - FineSols

Fine Solutions are also known as Finesols is a top-tier software solution provider that helps in building software for visionary companies, accentuating their strengths and elevating their brands to the next level  

Mixing & mastering tuning vox - Guido Baldacin Filho

I'm specialized in vocal tuning, mixing, editing, and recording

Mixing, Mastering Producer - Ian Totti

Experienced arranger and composer, graduated at Berklee College of Music. Looking to get more experience in mixing and mastering.

Singer Songwriter - Natalie Jay

My name is Natalie Jay, currently in LA. I am a singer, song writer and violinist. I am passionate about creating meaningful and quality material. Look me up: YOUTUBE: NATALIE JAY

Indie/Folk Songwriter  - Nikki Polizzotto

I am an indie lyricist and songwriter born and based in Los Angeles, CA. I write songs inspired by my own experiences, thoughts, daydreams, and nightmares. My songs are drenched in love, loss, joy, depression -- some of the most relatable emotions in the human experience, and seek to bring words to common storylines and feelings.

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