Canvas Designer, Video artist  - Blue


Canvas Designer, Video artist

I am a video artist who likes to create unique visuals. I create videos for various platforms/fields such as music videos, advertisement videos, social media video contents etc. Canvas videos are my favorite to play around. It's a great way to make creative collaborations.

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Electronic/Pop Music Producer - JP

United States

Electronic/Pop Music Producer

Classically-trained songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and mix/master engineer. With over 5 years of industry experience, credits with Tiesto and Excision, and millions of streams across major platforms, I'm excited to help you take your musical ideas to the next level!


Singer Musician Producer  - Matt


Singer Musician Producer

Matt has performed over 1,200 live shows and written over 100 songs as a professional musician and singer with Columbus, Ohio based bands - some with local shows, others with international tours. Listen to "The Self-Depricants" on Spotify to hear albums Matt created from scratch as writer, performer, engineer, mixer, and masterer.

Sound reinforcement  - Mario


Sound reinforcement

I have had extensive experience in the field of audio engineering in a variety of environments, such as live concert performances, academic settings, and televised programming. These varied experiences have given me varied skills and the ability to work with many different types of people.


Mix Engineer, Producer, Keys - Aspene

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer, Producer, Keys

Whats up everybody! I am a multi-instrumentalist currently living in good ole Los Angeles, CA. I have had the privilege of creating great friendships with some of the best in the biz. I also have had the pleasure of touring, producing, mixing and musical directing for a number of artist all around the world!

Session Guitarist - Nicola


Session Guitarist

I'm an honest session guitarist and sometimes producer also. *** Not a shredder! *** I just work for the song, so guitars (if needed) must be the perfect filler.

Recording Mixing and Mastering - MixByRich

New Orleans

Recording Mixing and Mastering

HI my name is MixByRich I'm a recording mixing and mastering engineer with more than 18 years in the business. Your sound is your brand. So trust it with the best. Go follow me on instagram @mixbyrich

Music Producer, Mastering - Enoprod


Music Producer, Mastering

After being exposed to the club scene in 1999,Enodeejay knew it was his dream to be the one rocking the crowd. Instantly, he began spending countless hours learning the art of djing and working closely with production programs.Enodeejay has always been told that he has an ear for Deep House ,Techno and Progressive music,In 2011 he decided to change




▶ SING : in English and Chinese (Energetic Vocals / Soft Dynamic Vocals) ▶ WRITE : Funk, Pop, Rock, Folk and Ballad Songs ▶ ARRANGE : Funk, Pop, Rock, World, Ethnic-Electronic, Acoustic

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