String / Orchestral Arranger - Rosabella


String / Orchestral Arranger

My experience as a songwriter means I search for the story; the essence of your track, and build an arrangement that becomes an essential and integral part of the whole.

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Mixing, Mastering, Production  - Noisy

New York

Mixing, Mastering, Production

Noisy Poet Music Group is the music arm of SevenHorns, LLC a diversified entertainment company.


Mixing & Audio Engineer - DevroDidDat


Mixing & Audio Engineer

I’ve been working on different audio and music extensively over the past couple of years. After becoming a certified audio engineer, I’ve been recording, mixing music, and making beats for local artists and now I’d like to expand my horizons. I am well versed in the technical side of music and love adding to the creativity of the music process.

Session Trumpeter - Brennan


Session Trumpeter

Trumpet player (ODESZA/The Dip) ready to enhance your song with a trumpet solo, a brass top line, some light muted trumpet, is the limit! Specialist in funk/r&b, jazz, electronic music, and indie rock.

Audio engineer,musicProducer - HA


Audio engineer,musicProducer

Warm Mixing,High Q Mastering ,Music Producing , Film Scoring ,Audio Engineering


Pro Tools engineer / Final Cut - Magnetic


Pro Tools engineer / Final Cut

I have over 15 years of Pro Tools experience. I majored in Film & Audio at MCAD. I hold a BFA in Media. Looking to record a session, get a session mixed, audio sweetening, mastering tracks/albums/scores? Hit me up with your project ! We can work something out for a very competitive rate. I also have 20 + experience in Final Cut Pro.

Remote mixing and production - Hans


Remote mixing and production

As engineer and producer, I have realized more then 150 albums and as composer my music is used in over 150 television programs. My specialty is working close to the artist/performer to translate the essentials story of the music into a finished product.

Mastering Engineer + - phillip

Long Beach

Mastering Engineer +

Los Angeles native with thousands of disc recordings under his belt. What unique concept does your project have? I would love to help you achieve it.

Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter - Melody


Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter

I can sing in any genre. I am classically trained. I usually sing jazz, pop, rock, RnB, whatever the gig calls for... I do remote session work from my home studio. Need a singer for your track? Let me know! I am a Telefunken endorsed artist

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