Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Great Plains Musical Theater

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Photo of Joan

I’m a Catalan sound engineer, based in Amsterdam. I’ve worked and studied in Spain, and have been touring Europe. I have extensive work experience in live sound reinforcement environments, suchs as music, performing arts and corporate events, giving me varied skills and the ability to work with many diferents types of people.

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Photo of Andrew Pettit

Freelance sound engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Photo of Kellen Mills

I've worked as an audio engineer/producer for six years in various professional studios in and around Seattle. I've recently moved to Germany and have been connecting with studios here as well. I've done a ton of work, care about my clients getting exact;y what they want, and, am ultimately proud of what I do!

Photo of Matt Wehrhahn

I am an experienced audio engineer that works in the New Jersey/New York area. I love the collaboration process and specialize in mixing music. My experience has taken me to some of the best studios in NYC and I have worked with some amazing artists.

Photo of James Hunt

2x Grammy winning, Multi Platinum audio engineer.

Photo of Pedro Barceló

I’m a sound engineer, music producer and musician credited with more than 10 years experience in recording, mixing and mastering. My expertise is Mastering. Get in touch for more info!

Photo of Gear Gods Studio

Mixing engineer at Gear Gods Studio. I've worked with bands and rappers alike and i'm always looking for new artists to help them capture their vision. I've worked wih everyone from Volumes to Wiz Khalifa.

Photo of LOWK3Y

Let me hit your tracks with the ol' razzle dazzle! While I don't have many production credits to offer you, what I can offer is a quality production track with that extra *oomph* that you're looking for to spice your tracks up! Or, your money back guaranteed!

Photo of Side Room Sounds

With a background deeply rooted in DIY and two degrees in Studio Production, Matt has the niche expertise necessary to help transform indie startup projects into compelling cult favorites.

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