null - Angelside


I am a music producer based out Regina Saskatchewan. I love music and I love sound. There is no genre of music that doesn't interest me and I have a tendency to dive into the entire history of a genre in order to understand it. There are not many things that are as satisfying as turning what is in your head into something tangible.

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null - Jordan


We are a studio focused on bringing the greatest possible value to every artist. We are musicians as well as engineers and we understand the challenge of wanting to balance quality and affordability. We are willing to work with any budget to give you the best possible recording. We have the facilities and know how to bring your project to life!

Remote mixing & mastering - Enlil


Remote mixing & mastering

Every song can simply be mixed properly but its all about finding the RIGHT mix that appeals to the ear.


Mastering Engineer, Coach - Alexander




Mastering Engineer, Coach

I am specialized in MASTERING popular music FOR DIGITAL OUTLETS, such as Spotify, Youtube, Appel Music, Tidal etc. The demands for different streaming services in terms of loudness and dynamics can differ and are constantly changing these days. I´ll make sure your tracks sound loud and fat without sacrificing any sound quality.

null - Big


With a coveted location in one of the most exclusive zones in the city of Guadalajara, Big Track Studio opens its doors to all kinds of artist and genres. We have all of the necessary equipment and qualified engineers to record an EP or an LP. And we are exited for you to come work and enjoy your time while recording!


Productor musical - DIEGO


Productor musical

Diego Gallego, productor musical e ingeniero de sonido, propietario de los estudios de grabación "Sincro Media Music"

mix, master, post production - Zeke


mix, master, post production

Hello my name is Zeke I am a local audio engineering from Austin. I graduated with a bachelors of science in audio engineering since then i have worked with local artist.


Remote Mix & Mastering - Split


Remote Mix & Mastering

Freshness and innovation in your mixes and masters will allow you to differentiate yourself from others Premium quality.


Remixing, Beat Making, Trumpet - Ran

Tel Aviv

Remixing, Beat Making, Trumpet

Hello! I'm a trumpet and keyboard player, and a signed EDM artist with records on Itunes/Spotify/Beatport and more, I'm here to give you the best sound ever!

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