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Photo of Rob "Abaddon" Whalen

I'm a mixing engineer with 6 years experience. I come from a production background so I understand the vision behind my clients' songs, driving me to ensure their satisfaction seeing it from their point of view.

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Photo of Giacomix

Audio technician, Sound Enginner, Recording, Mixing, Protools 11 Certificate User, Live PA Engineer, Mon /Foh Engineer.

Photo of DaRealDOZA Productions

what ever you need just shoot me an email smendozastudio@gmail.com


I am producer, songwriter and guitar player. as producer and songwriter I have been work with projects like Paulina Muro, Ricardo Caballero, Selene Fitch and others. as songwriter I have been work with artists like Alexander Acha and Kaay. I like work pop music and latin.

Photo of Lake Stovall

Anything you need to make your record pop that much more is what I am here to help with. Whether it be background vocals, mixing, topline, guitar playing, etc. Send me a message with an example of your project, and I will get back to you soon. I may even be able to send a demo recording to show you what you'll be getting from me!

Photo of Rafael Bautista

passionate audio engineer going on 10 years experience. Mixed By Fai

Photo of Toufic Aoun (HXC Productions)

I'm an Audio Engineer based out of Lebanon, MEA. My goal is to craft moderate sounding songs into big-budget sounding records. Doesn’t matter what tools I have at my disposal, I will make your music shine as it should.

Photo of Seva Zolotko

Music producer / Songwriter / Multi-instrumentalist. Mostly writing for commercials and indie artists. As a natural born perfectionist and nonconformist, i’m trying to achieve something unique in every track i’m working with. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, i’m the guy you need.

Photo of Harvey Herr


The Noise Tamer. Something went wrong with your recording. You lost the audio from your boom operator. All you have left is some really bad sounding audio! There is way too much echo... the noise level is almost as loud as the dialogue... there is a terrible hum coming from somewhere!!!....Not all hope is lost! Before you trash your project call me

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